11 Mar-2 Apr 2023


Theater de Meervaart, Amsterdam

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Ändere die Welt!

Music theatre goes to the barricades

History has seen revolution take root across the globe, at different points in time, in various guises and with varying degrees of success. We have now inherited the remains of these radical uprisings and face a different type of question: how do we move forward? Is it true that we need the rubble of the past to build a new and different kind of world? Is revolution still the best vehicle for change?

Music theatre goes to the barricades

Revolution’s theatre unfolds against a backdrop of debris left over from previous ideologies so hard-fought for. From the ashes of one uprising emerges the following rebellion, calling for change, improvement, innovation - a call to freedom. Does revolution signify progress, if history keeps repeating itself? Through its music and words, Ändere die Welt! offers a unique and poetic slant on a world in transformation and on humanity's place in this maelstrom of ebb and flow, hope and resistance, life and death.


Young and up-and-coming artists

The sound of revolution has been inextricably linked to music throughout history. Conductor and composer Leonard Evers has created a unique and distinctive sound that captures the essence of rebellion, change and innovation. Ändere die Welt! incorporates and brings together a wide range of different musical styles that include songs by the German-Austrian composer Hanns Eisler (1898-1962) – whose social and political beliefs were firmly entrenched in his music, the first-ever string quartet by the revolutionary composer Arnold Schönberg (1874-1951) and modern sounds such as spoken word and electronic music. Evers will be partnering up with young and up-and-coming theatre director Mart van Berckel and his team to capture the spirit of revolutions in general, as well as the disenchantment associated with them. Our talented young singers from Dutch National Opera Studio will be taking on the principal roles in this production, which will tour theatres across the country. Ändere die Welt! will be created and presented within the context of [Collective Works] as part of the Opera Forward Festival.

Performance information

Musical direction and concept Leonard Evers
Stage direction and concept  Mart van Berckel
Set design  Vera Selhorst
Costume design  Rosa Schützendorf
Lighting design  Vera Selhorst
Dramaturgy  Jasmijn van Wijnen, Luc Joosten

Singers of Dutch National Opera Studio

Co-produced with the Nederlandse Reisopera and Opera Zuid


This production, brimming with fresh young talent, is part of a longterm collaboration of Dutch National Opera, the Nederlandse Reisopera and Opera Zuid

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Dutch National Opera Studio

Dutch National Opera Studio
Joep Hijwegen

Dutch National Opera Studio

The Opera Studio was launched in September 2018. The carefully selected participants gain important experience by participating in the professional environment of Dutch National Opera and are coached in every aspect of their professional development. In this way they gain crucial experience to give wings to their professional career.

The participants of the Opera Studio perform at lunch concerts and foyer evenings, take part in workshops from international directors and coaches, sing small roles on the big stage and perform starring roles in the annual Opera Studio production.


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