New Moves 2022

Studio Boekman is a meeting point for opera, ballet, and audiences; for legacy and innovation; for creators and social partners; and for people of all ages and cultures. Experimentation, diversity, and talent development are essential. We examine the future of ballet and opera through (youth) performances, context programmes, club nights, labs, and much more. Who or what is on stage? Who are the people in the audience? What undiscovered talents, cultural traditions, and untold stories can we highlight?

New Moves 2022 | Photo: Khayla Fitzpatrick

Ian Castro

Studio Boekman is an intimate level-floor stage with an adjacent theatre café, where visitors are greeted with a warm, informal, and inclusive welcome. Studio Boekman is intended for young people in the broadest sense, including toddlers, teenagers, and young adults, as well as anyone with a young mind. Through partnerships, we strengthen ties with communities in Amsterdam and beyond.

Ian Castro (Dutch National Opera Studio) | Photo: Milagro Elstak

Voorstelling Boekman (Theater na de Dam)

We work together to broaden our audience, for example, by including visible representation of these populations in our programming. We also apply lower ticket prices for the performances in Studio Boekman. By doing so, we hope to make Studio Boekman a welcome and accessible meeting point for everyone.

Studio Boekman: the creative wellspring for opera and ballet of tomorrow.

Boekman - Theater Na de Dam | Photo: Ben van Duin

Visitor information Studio Boekman

Do you have any more questions about Studio Boekman? More information about opening hours, box office, food and beverage, and other facilities can be found on our visitor information web page.

The Theatre Café on the outside
In and around Studio Boekman - 18-12-2023 | Photo's: Fabian Calis
The auditorium with stage
The Theatre Café
Exhibiting costumes
In front of the entrance to Studio Boekman
The first show: The theory of everything
From the stage

The eponym: Emanuel Boekman

We are marking the transformation of this space from a reception room to a theatre by giving it a new name. The name maintains a reference to Jewish politician and scholar Emanuel Boekman, and at the same time recognises the historical significance of the land upon which the venue is built.

As the councillor responsible for education and the arts in Amsterdam (from 1931 to 1940), Boekman sought to give all the city’s inhabitants the opportunity to enjoy the arts. Emanuel Boekman had a considerable influence on the arts policies that came into effect in post-war Netherlands but he did not live to see the impact of his work. When German troops occupied the Netherlands in 1940, he and his wife chose suicide to escape the threat of the nazi regime.

The reference to Boekman is therefore also an acknowledgement by Dutch National Opera & Ballet of the Jewish heritage of the site on which our theatre is built: up until the Second World War, this district was home to a lively Jewish community.


Founding partners and donors

The refurbishment of Studio Boekman was made possible thanks to contributions from founding partners VandenEnde Foundation, Stichting Pieter Houbolt Fund, Drs. Cor van Zadelhoff Fund, the Province of Noord-Holland, Snippe Projecten B.V., Zadelhoff Cultural Fund, Hartwig Foundation, Don Quixote Foundation, private individuals, crowdfunding participants, funds, sponsors and other donors who wish to remain anonymous.

Timelapse renovation Studio Boekman

Timelapse Studio Boekman
Programme Studio Boekman


The Four Note Opera
The Four Note Opera
15-17 March 2024 | 4 performances
Dutch National Opera & Ballet, Studio Boekman

I always feel very uncomfortable in the Final Scene. But what can we do? That is the way...

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Hup Herman! campagnebeeld
Hup Herman!
24 Sep ’23-1 May ’24 | 6 performances
Dutch National Opera & Ballet, Studio Boekman + Tour

Herman the pot-bellied pig doesn’t like competitions. He thinks they’re a hassle. But the...

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Mannetje Jas
Mr. Coats
6-21 April 2024 | 5 performances
Dutch National Opera & Ballet, Studio Boekman

Whether it’s winter or summer, Mr. Coats is always freezing cold. Shivering, he tries and...

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Partner programming Studio Boekman

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Bovenaanzicht voormalige Joodse buurt rond het Waterlooplein
Photo: Amsterdam City Archives
Top view of the former Jewish quarter around Waterlooplein