18-20 September 2024


Dutch National Opera & Ballet, Studio Boekman

Running time

1:05, no interval


From € 15


How do you rock your baby to sleep while the howls of protest are flooding through the window? Can you soothe your child at all, as the fight for its future rages all around you?

Lullaby follows a woman caught between her safe world at home and the urge to join the revolution going on outside in the streets. Looking for a lullaby to calm herself and her baby, they venture out into the night. What unfolds is a confronting and unexpected journey, which ultimately provides her with both the song and a personal (r)evolution.

Lullaby: a solo opera

The performance has been written for award-winning soprano Laura Bohn, with music by composer Kamala Sankaram. She wove a soundscape out of meditative lullabies, protest songs and jazzy rhythms, in which voice, viola and keyboard deftly come together. Librettist Guillermo Calderón’s lyrics are playful, sometimes absurd, but also hopeful and, above all, incredibly honest. Co-creator and director Sjaron Minailo – known for his distinctive visual and minimalist style – translates the monodrama into an opera that slowly unfolds like a thriller...


Composer  Kamala Sankaram
Libretto  Guillermo Calderón
Co-creator, director & co-producer  Sjaron Minailo

Soprano  Laura Bohn
Viola  Gijs Kramers
Piano  Charlie Bo Meijering

Lighting design  Samon Presland
Sound design  Petra Randewijk
Costume design  Raphael R. Jacobs

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Trailer - Lullaby, A sung monodrama in one act

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