About the Junior Company

Currently, there are 17 dancers in the Junior Company, led by artistic director Ernst Meisner. They follow a daily programme that reflects that of a major ballet company. Each season, the Junior Company usually presents two of their own programmes. One programme is a full-length contemporary production and the other is a mixed bill showing a cross section of the ballet repertoire, including classical pas de deux and extracts from the classical and neoclassical repertoire, alongside new works created especially for the company by established choreographers and young upcoming creatives. The Junior Company’s full-length productions are often presented in collaboration with urban dance company ISH Dance Collective; for example, Narnia: The lion, the witch and the wardrobe (2015) and GRIMM (2018), which showcase a spectacular encounter between ballet and hiphop. In May 2023, a new joint production followed, which this time included dancers from Dutch National Ballet as well: Dorian, after Oscar Wilde’s famous novel The Picture of Dorian Gray.

The dancers

2nd year: Poppi Eccleston, Polina Loshchylina, Carolina Ribaldone, Bo-Ann Zehl, Robin Park, Soshi Suzuki, Francesco Venturi
1st year: Ella Kolpakov, Frédérique Meewis, Ana Luísa Negrão, Sangwon Park, Hà Nhi Trân, Aafke Wolles, Alexander Álvarez, Patrik Benák, Vincent Fell, Vincent Vivet

Documentary about ten years Junior Company

The Junior Company of the Dutch National Ballet, nurturing and developing exceptional young talent and shaping the future generation of leading dancers, is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. A celebratory documentary about a crucial platform for the development of young and ambitious dancers.

Alexander Álvarez
Frédérique Meewis
Polina Loshchylina

Aafke Wolles
Ana Luísa Negrão
Bo-Ann Zehl
Caroline Ribaldone
Ella Kolpakov
Francesco Venturi
Hà Nhi Trân
Patrik Benák
Poppi Eccleston
Robin Park
Sangwon Park
Soshi Suzuki
Vincent Fell
Vincent Vivet

Director Eva Oosterveld
Production Company Artillerie
Executive Producer Philippe Avendaño Vera

Ten years Junior Company


Ted Brandsen

‘I’m extremely proud of what the Junior Company has achieved in this relatively short time’

Besides working on their own programmes, the Junior Company dancers also regularly perform in productions by Dutch National Ballet, especially in the big classics like Giselle, The Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake and The Nutcracker and the Mouse King. More than forty former Junior Company dancers have now made the transition to the main company. At present, they include two principal dancers and eight soloists. The company has really made its mark with successful tours of the Netherlands and abroad. In early 2020, for instance, the Junior Company gave three hugely successful performances in Indonesia. Also in June 2023, the juniors spent two weeks there for a tour along various theatres with a programme they danced earlier that season during the Dutch tour of Ballet Bubbles.

Ted Brandsen, director of Dutch National Ballet: "I am very proud of what the group has achieved in this relatively short time. All those young talents also give an enormous boost to the company as a whole. And, what is also very nice: the juniors create a very good working atmosphere. They are used to operating as a group, have performed together everywhere, at home and abroad, and you can feel that, even after they have moved on to Dutch National Ballet."

Junior Company
Remembrance- Ballet Bubbles (2023) | Photo: Michel Schnater
Junior Company
Remembrance- Ballet Bubbles (2023) | Photo: Michel Schnater
Promise- Ballet Bubbles (2023) | Photo: Michel Schnater
Promise- Ballet Bubbles (2023) | Photo: Michel Schnater
Pas de quatre - The Sleeping Beauty - Ballet Bubbles (2023) | Photo: Michel Schnater
the youth company
nosotros - Ballet Bubbles (2023) | Photo: Michel Schnater
two young dancers in splits
nosotros - Ballet Bubbles (2023) | Photo: Michel Schnater

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