What is My Muse & Me? (video is in Dutch)


How to Muse

Are you new to My Muse & Me, thinking about joining, or a member who needs clarification on how My Muse & Me works? Follow the link below for more information.

The Sleeping Beauty - Jakob Feyferlik
Photo: Marc Haegeman
The Sleeping Beauty (2022)

My Muse & Me selection

The special My Muse & Me selection is listed below, and you can order tickets right away! Just log in with the e-mail address linked to your My Muse & Me account to access your exclusive discount.

Blue scènebeeld
Blue (2022) | Photo: Clärchen and Matthias Baus


First season half

Regnum (Shadows, 2022) | Photo: Michel Schnater


Second season half

Young Gyu Choi en Maia Makhateli in Raymonda
Raymonda (2022) | Foto: Marc Haegeman



Eerste seizoenshelft

Ian Castro in La traviata
La traviata (2021) | Foto: Monika Rittershaus



Tweede seizoenshelft

Youths up to 35 can attend all OFF performances (Animal Farm, Perle Noire en Ändere die Welt!) for only € 20,00 (excluding booking fee).

* For this performance, you can purchase two tickets. Introduce a visitor to opera or ballet by bringing them along! Your guest(s) must be within My Muse & Me's age range (between 16-35 years old).

My Muse & Me

My Muse & Me activities

For all the performances included in the My Muse & Me selection, we organise an introduction and a drink in the interval.