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Here’s how it works

Are you new to My Muse & Me, thinking about joining, or a member who needs some clarification on how My Muse & Me works? 

You are a member for exactly one year (365 days) from the moment you purchase a membership.

As a member, you receive the following age-related discounts:

  • 16-24 years old: 75% discount on tickets
  • 25-30 years old: 50% discount on tickets
  • 31-35 years old: 25% discount on tickets

You can visit all of the performances from our list (see above). Performances marked with a * allow you to purchase two tickets to bring a guest (of the same age category)! Tickets for MM&M evenings can be purchased directly using the links above, or by following the steps below:

1. Go to
2. Log in by clicking ‘My Theater’ (top right of your screen)
3. We now know it’s you and you can select a seat at the price category of your choice on our MM&M evenings!
4. We’re glad you’re coming; we’ll see you at the drinks!



Aside from ticket discounts, an MM&M membership provides much more!

  • Every MM&M evening there are drinks at our expense on the entresol. You will find the entresol directly above the entrance on the first floor.
  • We offer an introduction half an hour before the performance to get you ready. This is frequently a prominent guest speaker, such as a choreographer, dancer, set designer, or orchestra member.
  • We will introduce you to many art forms and their creators. They are certain to sharpen your cultural senses!
  • Of course, there will be time and opportunity to meet other opera and ballet fans. Who knows, maybe you’ll get together again next time!
  • Last-minute night off or the performance you want to see has just sold out? There is hope! Our members can sprint starting one day before the MM&M selection performance. From 12:00, you can call the box office at 020 62 55 45 5. A sprint ticket can also be ordered online.

Performance buddy

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Bij aanvang van de voorstelling worden alle gegevens verwijderd. Voorstellingsmaatjes zijn alleen van toepassing op My Muse & Me-avonden.

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You are a direct member of Juvenilia, Europe’s umbrella network of young opera friends’ organisations, as a My Muse & Me member. Juvenilia hosts 12 Juvenilia events every year, ranging from two to six days in international opera houses in European cities such as Paris, Milan, Vienna, Madrid, Berlin, and Venice. Each Juvenilia event includes at least one opera visit (at a steep discount), as well as activities like dinners and museum excursions. Visit Juvenilia’s website or Instagram for additional information.

What is My Muse & Me? (video is in Dutch)