What is My Muse & Me? (video is in Dutch)


For just €20 a year

Exciting benefits

  • Discount on tickets for the opera and ballet performances in the My Muse & Me selection
    (75% discount for ages 16-24, 50% discount for ages 25-30 and 25% discount for ages 31-35);

  • Discount tickets are available for these performances way in advance
    (from the start of regular ticket sales);

  • My Muse & Me organises a special programme of fringe events related to the performances in the selection;

And more...

  • A last-minute sprint discount for all performances in Dutch National Opera & Ballet that are not sold out;

  • Introductions to art forms and makers;

  • Get to meet other young opera and ballet fans.

My Muse & You?

Would you also like to benefit from a big discount on opera and ballet tickets and find out more about the different art forms? And would you like to join other young people in experiencing a particular opera or ballet production that really moves you? If so, sign up today for My Muse & Me!

My Muse & Me

How do you buy tickets with My Muse & Me discount?

You can buy discount tickets from the My Muse & Me selection. For all the other performances in Dutch National Opera & Ballet, you can buy a ticket with MM&M discount (sprint) from 13.00 on the day before the performance.

We’ve made a useful step-by-step plan for buying tickets:

  • Step 1: go to http://shop.operaballet.nl.
    Step 2: click on ‘My account’ (at the top right of the screen).
    Step 3: log in by following the steps. If you have not yet logged in to the ticket tool after 22 March 2021, you have to create a new account with a new password. 
    Step 4: once you’ve logged in, you can click on ‘programme’ to find the performance for which you want to buy a ticket.
    Step 5: if you click on an area of your choice in the seating plan (category 3 or lower for operas and category 2 or lower for ballets), you’ll see the possibilities for buying a ticket with MM&M discount.

Any questions?

Maybe you can find the answer among our FAQ. 

My Muse & Me

My Muse & Me activiteiten

The following performances are included in the My Muse & Me selection. For all the performances in the selection, we organise an introduction and a drink in the interval.