Wouter Freulich
Photo: Jan Willem Kaldenbach

Wouter Freulich

Chair My Muse & Me

Team Opera or Team Ballet?
“As chair, I have equal love for both of my children.”

What was your first performance?
“I was in Vienna with a friend, and we wanted to see an opera. We thought, ‘What better place to do that than Vienna?’. Unfortunately, it turned out to be less successful than intended. After purchasing a costly ticket for a seat at the top, I fell asleep during the first act, missed the second act due to a late return from the bathroom, and then fell asleep again throughout the third act. In short, it was not a positive first experience. As a result, I suggest everyone to start with a decent ‘entry-level opera’.”

What brought you to My Muse & Me?
“I saw so many beautiful productions on YouTube that I realised there was more than what I had seen in Vienna. Then I visited Dutch National Opera & Ballet several times and witnessed some stunning productions. I was immediately sold when I saw so many different art forms combined and created in-house! One evening I was there, and I noticed a gathering of young folks having drinks on the entresol. Unknowingly, I wandered among them and struck up a conversation with a member of My Muse & Me’s board.  I then joined, attended more drinks, and expressed my desire to become part of the board.”

What would you rather do: sing in the Chorus of Dutch National Opera or dance with Dutch National Ballet?
“Friends will undoubtedly say,: ‘He’ll sing in the chorus!’ But as I watch more and more ballet performances, my appreciation for this art form grows. You don’t simply switch from a technical adagio to a vibrant ensemble work, shifting between contemporary and classical styles. You must be physically and mentally quick, sharp, and capable. It truly is an elite sport!”

What makes Dutch National Opera & Ballet special, in your opinion?
“It is more than just a theatre; it is a complete production house. It’s incredible to see how many specialists work on various areas of production every day. Shoemakers, dyers, milliners, tailors, the production workshop, props department, logistics and procurement, lighting department, audio, and stagecraft among other things... And that's not including any arias performed, notes played, steps danced, stage direction rehearsed, posters produced, or drinks poured.”