About the Junior Company

The Junior Company gives talented young dancers the opportunity to prepare for a career with Dutch National Ballet or another leading international ballet company.

This season, there are thirteen dancers in the Junior Company, led by artistic coordinator Ernst Meisner. They follow a daily programme that reflects that of a major ballet company.

In and Out

The dancers

2nd year: Katherine Bamford, Mila Nicolussi Caviglia, Lauren Hunter, Gregory Myles Molnar, Isaac Mueller, Catarina Pires, Guillermo Torrijos, Koyo Yamamoto
1st year:  Lily Carbone, Nicola Jones, Louisella Vogt, Luca Abdel-Nour, Gabriel Rajah, Sven de Wilde


Programme of the Junior Company

Each season, the Junior Company usually presents two of their own programmes. One programme is a full-length contemporary production and the other is a mixed bill showing a cross section of the ballet repertoire, including classical pas de deux and extracts from the classical and neoclassical repertoire, alongside new works created especially for the company by established choreographers and young upcoming creatives.

Junior Company

The Junior Company’s full-length productions are often presented in collaboration with urban dance company ISH Dance Collective; for example, Narnia: The lion, the witch and the wardrobe (2015) and GRIMM (2018), which showcase a spectacular encounter between ballet and hiphop. A new collective production, Dorian, was also planned for the 2020 programme, but unfortunately had to be postponed due to all the corona measures.

‘I’m extremely proud of what the Junior Company has achieved in this relatively short time’


Besides working on their own programmes, the Junior Company dancers also regularly perform in productions by Dutch National Ballet, especially in the big classics like Giselle, Swan Lake and The Nutcracker and the Mouse King. By now, half of the large company consists of dancers from the Junior Company; more than thirty dancers have moved on to Dutch National Ballet, including one current principal and several current soloists. The company has really made its mark with successful tours of the Netherlands and abroad. For example, just before the first lockdown in 2020, they gave three hugely successful performances in Jakarta and Semarang, in Indonesia.

Junior Company

Ted Brandsen, artistic director of Dutch National Ballet, says, “I’m extremely proud of what the Junior Company has achieved in this relatively short time. All those talented youngsters give a tremendous boost to the company as a whole. And there’s a great working atmosphere among the juniors. They’re used to working as a group and have performed together all over the Netherlands and in other countries too. That’s something you can still feel, even when they’ve moved on to Dutch National Ballet”.

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