Alexandra Radius

It did not take long for the board of the Friends of Dutch National Ballet to come up with a name for the new prize. The members were unanimous in their decision to name it after the Dutch prima ballerina Alexandra Radius, and fortunately she gave her permission to do so. The first Alexandra Radius Prize was awarded on 1 January 1989 to principal dancer Coleen Davis. Alexandra herself retired from Dutch National Ballet as a dancer in 1990 at the age of 48.

Photo: Farewell Alexandra Radius (1990) | © Joris van Bennekom

Floor Eimers

The prize

The winner of the Alexandra Radius Prize is usually announced at the annual Dutch National Ballet Gala. Alexandra Radius herself then presents the prize to the lucky winner. It consists of a cash prize (€3,500 in 2023) and an artwork by Humphrey Bennett. Humphrey was a passionate drawer of dance scenes who left five of his drawings to Dutch National Ballet when he died in 2020. 

Photo: soloist Floor Eimers was the first to receive a work by Bennett in 2021 from Alexandra Radius | © Michel Schnater

Award ceremony 2023

The jury

The members of the Alexandra Radius Prize jury vary. For example, in 2023 it consisted of - pictured left to right: Pauline Vereijken (Young Patron of Dutch National Ballet), Alexandra Radius herself, Alexander Zhembrovskyy (former principal Dutch National Ballet), Frederik Redelé (board member of the Dutch National Opera & Ballet Fund), Astrid van Leeuwen (dance journalist and publicist) and Michèle Bruineman (board member My Muse & Me).

Photo (front centre): principal Giorgi Potskhishvili (winner in 2023) in the midst of the jury | © Altin Kaftira


1989 - 2000

1989 - Coleen Davis
1990 - Zoltán Solymosi
1991 - Caroline Sayo Iura
1992 - Clint Farha
1993 - Nathalie Caris
1994 - Jeanette Vondersaar
1995 - Jahn Magnus Johansen
1996 - Boris de Leeuw
1997 - Marieke Simons
1998 - Sofiane Sylve
1999 - Gaël Lambiotte
2000 - Wim Broeckx

2001 - 2010

2001 - Rubinald Rofino Pronk
2002 - Ruta Jezerskyte
2003 - Igone de Jongh
2004 - Cédric Ygnace
2005 - Marisa Lopez
2006 - Larissa Lezhnina
2007 - Anna Tgsygankova
2008 - Michele Jiménez
2009 - Jozef Varga
2010 - Anu Viheriäranta


2011 - Matthew Golding
2012 - Casey Herd
2013 - Remi Wörtmeyer
2014 - Jurgita Dronina en Isaac Hernández
2015 - Maia Makhateli
2016 - Artur Shesterikov
2017 - Young Gyu Choi
2018 - Timothy van Poucke
2019 - Edo Wijnen


Vanaf 2021

2021 - Floor Eimers
2022 - Salomé Leverashvili
2023 -  Giorgi Potskhishvili

The Alexandra Radius Prize was also awarded twice to non-dancers: in 1991 to Anton Gerritsen, on his retirement as managing director of Dutch National Ballet, and in 1992 to Astrid van Leeuwen, for her achievements for the Friends of Dutch National Ballet.

Friends of Dutch National Ballet

Over 2,000 ballet lovers unite in the Friends of Dutch National Ballet. The Friends' support of the Netherlands' only classical ballet company is becoming increasingly important. One of the annual highlights is the presentation of the Alexandra Radius Prize.