What is a Ballet Friend?

As a Friend you support the dancers and makers of Dutch National Ballet. You are indispensable to them, especially at this time. We are happy to do something in return. For Ballet Friends we organize exclusive activities behind the scenes. You will receive the Friends magazine from us and you will receive priority when selling tickets. And if you support us for a longer period of time, you can often get a part of your contribution back from the tax authorities.

Support Dutch National Ballet and participate!

As a donor you will receive the Friends magazine

  • Information about current projects
  • Wonderful articles about the latest productions
  • A special look behind the scenes

Our precious friendships


€50 a year
  • Exclusive Friends activities behind the scenes
  • Discount and other privileges

Golden Friend

From €200 a year
  • All Friends activities for 2 people
  • Exclusive extra activities for Golden Friends
  • Personal service when booking tickets

Give a Friendship as a present

From €50 a year
  • Would you like to share your love for Opera or Ballet with the people around you? Then give a Friendship from Dutch National Opera & Ballet as a gift.
Why they support Dutch National Opera
Anneke van Heertum

"Visiting performances of Dutch National Ballet is always a pleasure. I enjoy the diversity from classical to contemporary ballets. And I have great respect for the artistic courage to take new creative paths, in which high quality is always leading. That's why I've been a (Golden) Friend for 30 years."

- Anneke van Heertum
Christiaan Roselaar & Nelleke Boosman

"In itself, ballet is such a beautiful art form. But performed at the top level of Dutch National Ballet, it is downright balm for the soul; an incredible source of inspiration that deserves to be supported!"

- Christiaan Roselaar & Nelleke Boosman
Catrina van der Kroon

“Dutch National Ballet: an icon in the dance world, with a repertoire of both classical and, often surprising, modern pieces and a springboard for young dancers! As a Friend, I therefore wholeheartedly support Dutch National Ballet. ”

- Catrina van der Kroon