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Children dancing in class

Lessons, workshops and projects

The joy of singing and dancing

In our lessons, workshops and projects, your pupils will discover the joy of singing and dancing. From an introductory lesson at your school to a complete performance in which your pupils sing or dance themselves.

Children in the auditorium of Dutch National Opera & Ballet

Performances for schools

With the whole class to the theatre

Catchy opera and dance performances, tailor-made for young ears and eyes. The school matinees are scheduled at a convenient time in the morning or early afternoon to make sure that everyone is back at school on time.

Scènefoto uit Een lied voor de maan

Online voorstellingen en lesmateriaal

Alles om online opera en ballet te ontdekken

Speciaal online lesmateriaal rondom onze projecten en voorstellingen én een aanbod van voorstellingen om in de klas op groot scherp te bekijken. 

General information

singing children

Our offer during corona times

Singing and dancing safely at school

Staying active during corona times

Singing children

Although the theatres have been forced to close, we are not sitting still. We are currently working on a range of online performances and we can still come to your school with our workshops and projects. 

Of course, we make sure that both in our theatre and at your school everything is organised according to the current corona protocols; besides the fun and development of the pupils, everyone's safety comes first.

All information on our projects can be found elsewhere on this page.

Students entering our theatre

Transportation to our theatre

For primary schools, there are various possibilities for (bus) transportation to Dutch National Opera & Ballet.

Transportation to our theatre

Children entering our theatre

For primary schools, there are various possibilities for (bus) transportation to Dutch National Opera & Ballet.


Primary schools from Amsterdam can use the Culture Bus or the Culture Boat to visit National Opera & Ballet, on the condition that the visit is in line with a curriculum chosen by the school within the framework of the Basic Package. For more information about the Culture Bus, go to cultuurbusamsterdam.nl


For schools outside Amsterdam bus transportation is also possible; we can assist in finding a suitable offer for your school. For more information, please contact educatie@operaballet.nleducatie@operaballet.nl.


We want to enable as many children as possible from all over the country to visit our school performances. Therefore, in the school year 2020-2021, schools can travel by bus to our theatre free of charge. Dutch National Opera & Ballet will take care of the organisation and the costs of bus transport to the school matinees, made possible by the Turing Foundation. (This option only applies to schools that are unable to use the Amsterdam Culture Bus or other local transport arrangements). More information about our school performances can be found here.


Dutch National Opera & Ballet is easy to reach by public transport. For general information about our accessibility, click here.

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