From 15 March 2025


Dutch National Opera & Ballet, TBA

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Rituals for a multicultural city

The director Gregory Caers will once again be in the Opera Forward Festival. After offbeat productions with students in previous editions of OFF, in 2025 he will be working with a large group of young people from Rotterdam’s vocational theatre school, two Amsterdam student choirs (VU-Koor and Studentenkoor Amsterdam) and other students from (art) colleges around the Netherlands.

Rituals for a multicultural city

Codes is intended as a gift to the city of Amsterdam as it celebrates its 750th anniversary. In a city that is home to so many religions and cultures, Caers will work with the students to find rituals that are accessible and meaningful to all. While ever fewer people seem to feel an attachment to a specific religion, the yearning for connection in a polarised world is perhaps greater than ever. It is human nature to want to share strong emotions such as joy, sorrow or mourning and to find a way to express them as a community. To create a ritual everyone can feel part of, Caers and his team will return to the origins of various religions and rites, and then go back even earlier in time, to the cradle of human harmony.


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