1 July 2023


Dutch National Opera & Ballet, Foyer

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From € 10 (incl. Heri Heri meal)

Keti Koti bij De Nationale Opera; dansers en zangers op het podium

This year, Dutch National Opera and RIGHTABOUTNOW INC. will be joining forces once again to celebrate and commemorate Keti Koti – ‘breaking the chains’ – in a musical-theatrical way. Together, we have created a colourful programme that looks back on our colonial past, and gives us an opportunity to continue working with many of our partners, while simultaneously seeking out new collaborations.

Photo: Michel Schnater


Many different voices will be included in this programme that will talk about injustice and suffering, but also about pride and resistance – harnessing the imaginative power of song, dance, music, and spoken word. 

Arturo den Hartog, countertenor, and pianist Ernst Munneke will play songs by several black composers, including Surinamese composer Majoie Hajary. Piano virtuoso Dywel Braaf will perform a composition of his own, among others. Other contributions will come from spoken word artist Jurgera Hassell, choreographer Dalton Jansen, kawina band Mamyo Makandra, Antillean Tribu Tambú Groep and Brandon Delagraentiss & The Gospel Experience. DJ All Star Fresh will also be heard during the event.

Surinamese cabaret artist Jeffrey Spalburg will be hosting this event once again. What’s more, we will be serving free Surinamese ginger beer and Heri Heri: a one-pot recipe comprising various root vegetables, plantains, 'bakkeljauw' (dried and salted cod) and a boiled egg. Both dishes have their origin in the African Caribbean’s history of slavery.

Podcast series LEGACY! LEGACY!

In the run-up to the start of the Slavery Memorial Year, the special podcast series LEGACY! LEGACY! will examine the impact of the colonial past on the arts. In this triptych, comedian Jeffrey Spalburg will focus on the cultural legacy of three descendants of the African diaspora.

Podcast series LEGACY! LEGACY!

Hip-hop is widely regarded in the United States as the voice of the black American community, as well as a musical instrument for activism and resistance to a history of oppression based on slavery. DJ All Star Fresh is one of the undisputed pioneers of hip-hop in the Netherlands. Spalburg will join him in a discussion on hip-hop's origins and what Keti Koti means to him.

The significance of Afro-Caribbean and queer identities play a significant role in the artistry of multitalented artist Felix de Rooij. He views himself and his art as the result of a ‘colonial orgasm,’ growing straight from both the tragic past we mourn and the survival we celebrate with Keti Koti. De Rooy will speak with Spalburg on how this past is reflected in his work.

In conversation with dramaturge Naomi Teekens, Spalburg will delve into the rich but forgotten legacy of Surinamese composer Majoie Hajary (1921-2017), who wrote a national opera for Suriname with her La Larme d’Or.

Podcast 'Legacy!'

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RIGHTABOUTNOW INC. (RAN INC.) is an interdisciplinary urban production house and centre for the performing arts. Founded by Marjorie Boston and Maarten van Hinte, RAN INC. casts the spotlight on a new generation of creatives and artists by hosting events, exhibitions and social projects in the Netherlands and abroad.


Boston and Van Hinte have directed and produced a number of interdisciplinary and successful productions, including STATUS with Hans Dagelet and Anton de Bies, TORI with HNTjong and KIBRA SILENSIO with Ritzah Statia (nominated for the Joop Mulder Plak award & winner of the 2021 Amsterdam Fringe Award). Van Hinte also wrote the libretto for How ANANSI freed the stories of the world, which was performed by Dutch National Opera & Ballet. Last season, they toured the country with the musical theatre show QUEEN OF DISCO. It is a production that highlights the inevitable rise, the tragic fall and the buoyant rebirth of disco music, while honing in on the life of the flamboyant LGBTQ activist and disco icon SYLVESTER. This production was directed by Boston with a script by Van Hinte. Currently, preparations have started for the theatre production Desirée in combination with Het Stedelijk Museum; a 1980 revival written by Felix de Rooy and Norman de Palm. In addition, the highly acclaimed performance Kings by Made in da Shade will return to the theatres.

RAN INC. offers a platform for creatives and performers of the big city, who consider hip-hop an essential source of inspiration. It is for artists who think differently and have different perspectives, and who reflect the city's diversity: because diversity is the most powerful source of cultural renewal and artistic innovation.

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Weesperstraat closed

From 12 June to 23 July 2023, Weesperstraat will be closed to through traffic between Nieuwe Herengracht and Nieuwe Keizersgracht between 6am and 11pm. For more information, see: Weesperstraat closed during the day

A10 North partly closed! 

The A10 North (the outer ring road towards Zaanstad) will be partially closed from 30 June to 3 July. Road users will be diverted via the A10 Ring Road. Please allow for extra travel time of 30 minutes to an hour. For more information, see: A10 North - quieter asphalt


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Vier zangers op een rij
KETI KOTI | CLUB RIGHTABOUTNOW @De Nationale Opera (2022) | Photo: Michel Schnater
Djembé-speler tijdens Keti Koti 2022
KETI KOTI | CLUB RIGHTABOUTNOW @De Nationale Opera (2022) | Photo: Michel Schnater
Zanger en danser op het podium
KETI KOTI | CLUB RIGHTABOUTNOW @De Nationale Opera (2022) | Photo: Michel Schnater
Drie vrouwen die eten bereiden met een Surinaamse vlag op de voorgrond
KETI KOTI | CLUB RIGHTABOUTNOW @De Nationale Opera (2022) | Photo: Michel Schnater
Susan Malaika Bailey en muzikant
KETI KOTI | CLUB RIGHTABOUTNOW @De Nationale Opera (2022) | Photo: Michel Schnater
Twee artiesten op het podium
KETI KOTI | CLUB RIGHTABOUTNOW @De Nationale Opera (2022) | Photo: Michel Schnater