Tribu Tambú Groep

Tribu Tambú Groep

Tribu Tambú Group is a band with 4 chapistas who drum on iron shovels, 1 percussionist on the drum and 4 singers.

Tambú is a collective name for instruments, rhythm, music, singing and dancing. For a large part of the population, tambú is a part of their life, tradition and identity. It underlies the African religion and cannot be viewed separately from economic and social-cultural aspects.

According to Curaçao tambú expert Dr René Rosalia, tambú is not just song, dance and music, but life itself. It is part of the African faith that is interwoven with slavery throughout the Caribbean.

Tambú music provides the opportunity for emotional expression, enjoyment, entertainment, communication, physical reaction, social control, the maintenance of social institutions and the observance of religious rituals. The music contributes to the continuity and stability of culture and the integration of the community.

Last update: 7 June 2022