Mamyo Makandra

Mamyo Makandra

Music group

Mamyo Makandra is an initiative of poet and Spoken Word artist Dayenne Denneboom whose pseudonym is Mamyo Fu Mi Afo.

Mamyo is nothing more than a blanket made up of various pieces of fabric. The Mamyo was, among other things, used to convey messages. The word Makandra means together or communal. Dayenne Denneboom brings together various people with different talents to convey various messages in an artistic way. Mamyo Makandra performed during the Holland Festival in 2019 and last year on 1 July 2021 for the first time in Dutch National Opera & Ballet with Awidya and Daniëlle Fosch.

Especially for Keti Koti @ Dutch National Opera, Dayenne Denneboom is working with Warimbo Krioro, led by Ali'jah Severin, to commemorate the abolition of physical slavery on 1 July through singing and percussion.

Last update: 7 June 2022