Jeffrey Spalburg

Jeffrey Spalburg

Multi-talent Jeffrey Spalburg is a comedian, actor, writer of columns and television programmes, MC, host, and podcast creator. He performs in various theatres across the country with his own Keti Koti Conference.

After graduating from Acting School, Jeffrey began working with the theatre group Made In Da Shade while also freelancing as an MC. This allowed him to merge his passions for theatre and hip-hop. The group achieved significant success both domestically and internationally, becoming pioneers in urban theatre in the Netherlands.

With his extensive experience, Jeffrey is now sought after as a writer, comedy coach, and director. He regularly writes for cabaret artist Jörgen Raymann and works behind the scenes on shows for Willie Wartaal and Roué Verveer.

Jeffrey is also a popular performer in major music theatre productions like Swingin’ Harlem, It’s A Man’s World, and Crooners Night Club, where he combines his talents in thinking, writing, music, and comedy.

In June 2023, he published his first book, Ik ben jullie meester. This autobiographical generational novel spans nearly a century and crosses continents from Paramaribo to Hengelo, capturing an oral history now recorded for future generations.

His song "Hengelo-o-o" from the show Baas became a hit, and the remix "Paramaribo-o-o," made with Kenny B, topped the charts in Suriname for eight weeks.

Last update: 06-06-2024