Stage manager

The connection

The plans and wishes of the director and designers are also the starting point for the production and stage managers. And of course, they also work together with the orchestra, the dancers, the singers, the choir and everyone else involved in the performance. They bring all of these disciplines and groups together, to achieve the ultimate goal: the performance!

The team

The team consists of five production managers and nine stage managers, plus two administrative support staff and a pool of freelancers who regularly work with the team.

Besides producing and running operas and ballets, the department also provides production support for many of the activities related to marketing, education & participation, talent development, and fundraising & relationship management. In addition to the 20 regular opera and ballet productions, more than 100 other activities are organised each year. These vary from gala evenings and sponsor dinners to youth productions and talent development projects.

Production manager

The production manager

Production managers are pivotal to the process of producing operas and ballets. They are the point of contact for the artistic teams, and they guide the process of translating the artistic concept into a performance.

The pivot

In this pivotal role, they are responsible for deciding how the production process will take shape and managing it. They do this by coordinating the communication and decision-making and creating and monitoring schedules and budgets. They are also responsible for adhering to the starting points and preconditions that the art forms of opera and ballet by their nature impose on the production.


Did you know ...

Preparations for a new opera production start two years in advance in this department. It all kicks off with a first meeting with the artistic team, during which they present their plans.

Stage managers

The stage manager

Stage managers are responsible for organising and supporting rehearsals and performances, both in the rehearsal room and on stage.

Organisation and support

For organisation and support, the team maintains close contact with the director, the conductor, the singers, the choir, the dancers, the orchestra and other performers. They also have close contact with the technical departments and the Costume/Wigs & Make-up Department, who give them information on what needs to be done during the performance.

They ensure that the conditions are right for everyone to function optimally, give the cues for light and sound settings and changes, and are responsible for the technical coordination during rehearsals and performances.

Stage manager


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