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Christof Loy presents opera film Springtime in Amsterdam in collaboration with NO&B

4 July 2023

Wednesday 14 June, Springtime in Amsterdam, an opera film by internationally celebrated opera director Christof Loy, premiered at The Movies in Amsterdam. Loy made the film during the corona pandemic, in collaboration with Dutch National Opera & Ballet, making his debut as a film director.

When the operetta Die Lustige Witwe at Dutch National Opera was canceled in early 2021 because of the corona crisis, Christof Loy decided to set up another project. In collaboration with Dutch National Opera & Ballet he created the opera film Springtime in Amsterdam. In doing so, DNO&B offered the singers and creative teams involved the opportunity to continue practicing their craft - even during the corona pandemic. Loy wrote the screenplay for the film in two weeks, after which filming took place with film producer SPEKTR from 29 March until 10 April 2021.

Rich musical world in a quiet Amsterdam

Springtime in Amsterdam tells the story of four characters who are all at a turning point in their lives and meet in surprising ways in Amsterdam. Singers and actors Thomas Oliemans, Annette Dasch, Theresa Kronthaler, Norman Reinhardt, Henk Poort, Sunnyi Melles and Barry Atsma maneuver in several languages through a musical world that ranges from operetta classics to songs by Jacques Brel. They are accompanied by Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra, the Metropole Orchestra, Dutch String Collective and the Chorus of Dutch National Opera conducted by Marko Letonja. Robby Duiveman, head of the costume department at Dutch National Opera & Ballet (until this summer), took charge of the costume design.


The film will run from August 2023 at cinemas in Amsterdam and the FilmKoepel in Haarlem. International screenings will also take place: Springtime in Amsterdam was shown in Berlin on 16 June and will run at the Salzburg Festival on 23 July. The film is also for sale on DVD and Blu-ray.

For time's and date's, go to the website of The Movies Amsterdam.