7 June 2024


Dutch National Opera & Ballet, Studio Boekman

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I, Between

Stories of struggle and liberation

James Baldwin (1924–1987) was a well-known American writer and American civil rights activist, known for his Black and gay identity. Inspired by Baldwin’s fiction and essays, artist J.G. Basdew has curated a selection of his stories, challenging audiences to introspection. The question they are encouraged to ask themselves is: do you show your true self to the world?

Photo: Clifford Prince King

Amalgamation of genres

I, Between Baldwin and the World takes audiences on a journey of exploration, through the deep waters of identity, freedom and transformation. The multidisciplinary programme pays homage to Baldwin, whose timeless words resonate to this day. It blends Baldwin’s stories with the personal struggle of self-acceptance.

Audiences can expect a captivating experience that will weave together different artistic forms, such as dance and various music styles, into a fluid synthesis. These artistic forms provide a lens through which to reflect on the complexity of the human condition, with all its trials and its delights.

I, Between Baldwin and the World also challenges us to think about our personal and shared stories of struggle and liberation, in that it creates an inspiring space for audience members to engage with themselves and reflect on how to go about their own journey of transformation.

I, Between Baldwin and the World was created by BSDWCORP., the artistic practice established by Amsterdam-based artist-curator and social innovator J.G. Basdew.


Created by BSDWCORP.

Curated By

I, Between Baldwin and the World is the first edition of Curated By. In Curated By, we invite creators and artists from the cultural world to respond to the production currently playing on the Main Stage. The artists are free to create their own programme or performance. The next edition of Curated By will take place in November 2024.

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I, Between Baldwin and the World

Photo: Clifford Prince King