Opera europa

Opera Europa betuigt steun aan Oekraïne

7 maart 2022

Net als 220 andere Europese operagezelschappen is De Nationale Opera lid van Opera Europa, een organisatie waarvan onze artistiek directeur Sophie de Lint tevens bestuurslid is. Opera Europa heeft een statement gepubliceerd waarin de hele Europese operagemeenschap openlijke steun, solidariteit en medeleven aan het Oekraïense volk betuigt. Omdat wij dit statement volledig ondersteunen, willen wij dit graag met u delen:

The Board of Opera Europa, on behalf of its 220 member companies, offers unequivocal support to its members in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv and Odesa, and all the people of Ukraine as they suffer from the hostile invasion of Russian troops.

We want to express our admiration for the extraordinary courage and resilience in the face of adversity being shown by the inhabitants of Ukraine.  We offer solidarity with Ukraine in its existential battle for the precious values of freedom and democracy, but we recognise that solidarity alone is not enough.

We shall encourage and give visibility to actions already being initiated by our members to help keep alive the independent spirit of Ukraine: the performance of its music and its national hymn; financial, moral, charitable and humanitarian support for its artists and activists; collaboration and partnerships with its devastated theatres.

We believe that there are many artists and institutions within Russia, who are experiencing profound concern, disapproval and shame at what is happening, but dare not speak out for fear of savage retaliation.  We ask them to conquer that fear and do whatever is in their power to influence public opinion against the war, so that Ukraine may be spared further attacks.

We endorse the words published by Ukrainian artists and cultural activists: ‘Art has always remained at the forefront of humanitarian values.  We strongly believe that art cannot be subservient to political propaganda; instead it should be utilised for developing critical thinking and promoting dialogue’.

Glory to Ukraine – Slava Ukraini!