Young Gyu Choi in the gym

Matrix Fitness new fitness partner of Dutch National Ballet

19 October 2022

Matrix Fitness is Dutch National Ballet's new fitness partner. The fitness manufacturer signed a three-year partnership. As part of this partnership, Matrix Fitness supplied all the equipment for the dancers’ new gym.

Matrix Fitness is the largest manufacturer of professional fitness equipment in the Netherlands. The company’s ambassadors include top Dutch athletes such as sailor Marit Bouwmeester and track and field athlete Femke Bol. Starting this year, the fitness company can also include Young Gyu Choi, principal of Dutch National Ballet, on this list.

The dancers do strength training every day to keep their bodies in top shape and to be able to perform at the highest level every night. Rutger Klauwers, head of the Health Team at Dutch National Ballet: “Ballet at the highest international level is an artistic top sport that is incredibly challenging for our dancers. We are fortunate to have the facilities in the gym of Matrix Fitness. These facilities provide us with everything we need to support our dancers with prevention, rehabilitation, and top performance.”

Matrix Fitness is equally proud to announce its collaboration with Dutch National Ballet. Anne-Marie Kuiper, Director of Marketing & Customer Service at Matrix Fitness: “World-class ballet is an elite sport; many hours of training precede stage performances. We are extremely proud to be able to contribute to the dancer’s stage performance with the gym equipped by us!”

To illustrate this collaboration, Dutch National Ballet and Matrix Fitness created a special video in which ambassador Young Gyu Choi takes the audience into the world behind the glitz and glamour of the stage and demonstrates that ballet dancers are not only artists but also top athletes.