A major emergency

Dutch National Opera & Ballet is shocked and horrified by the war in the Ukraine, which has caused so much pain and suffering among refugees. As an artistic company, we are committed to ideals such as creativity, beauty and harmony. Art inspires us to bring out the best in mankind. War does the opposite. Our hearts go out to the people of Ukraine and to all who are suffering in these dark times. Yet, empathy alone is not enough, which is why Dutch National Opera & Ballet is taking action.

Artistic asylum

The Netherlands has now taken in tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees. Among them are singers and dancers who have turned to Dutch National Opera & Ballet for help and shelter. Having fled a country that is being demolished, they will now harness their talents for creation – to counter all the blood that has been shed. Dutch National Opera & Ballet has granted several Ukrainian artists, who were subjected to violence in the Ukraine, 'artistic asylum'. In essence, this means we will be sheltering Ukrainian refugees who cannot work as artists and performers in their homeland. We will also be offering refuge to Russian artists, for whom it is no longer tenable to continue practising their profession under the current regime. In this way, we hope to increase these artists’ chances for a bright future.

Olga & Victor

We need your help

So far, we have created fourteen additional spots for dancers and singers at Dutch National Opera & Ballet. The new dancers and singers who will be filling these new spots will be welcomed into the company as regular staff members, entitled to the same type of employment contract and pay as other artists in the company. They will be with our company at least until the end of next season, but will stay longer if the situation calls for this. To be able to fund this, we need your support.

Olga & Victor

So far, we have had the pleasure of welcoming Olga Smirnova, principal of the world-famous Bolshoi Ballet, and Victor Caixeta, rising star at the Mariinsky Ballet in St. Petersburg, to Dutch National Ballet. What’s more, four young Ukrainian dancers have joined our Junior Company, namely Polina Loshchylina (National Opera of Ukraine), Kate Myklukha (National Opera of Ukraine), Guilherme Vicente (Mikhailovsky Theatre) and Victoria Glazunova (Bolshoi Ballet). In addition, Ukrainian dancer Liza Gorbacheva (Bolshoi Ballet) has just recently joined our corps de ballet. And finally, we have created two extra spots for Ukrainian singers Maksym Nazarenko and Georgiy Derbas-Richter at Dutch National Opera Studio.

Photo: Olga Smirnova and Victor Caixeta | © Rob van Woerkom


To accommodate these new artists, Dutch National Opera & Ballet faces additional costs equalling € 550,000 for 2022 alone, which far exceeds our current budget. We are therefore looking for additional funds from individuals, foundations and companies to help us cover these costs. On average, we need approximately € 40,000 per artist to cover salaries, employer's expenses and health insurance premiums. In addition, we will be offering these artists coaching services, emotional support and physical training as well as help in finding housing.

We refuse to let this war plant obstacles in these artists’ paths. Will you help us?

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