This year, Dutch National Ballet presents a programme, Dancing Diversity, of three choreographies by choreographer and Young Creative Associate Sedrig VerwoertSlightly damp in a misty street, The hard rock will seem soft to us and The Ritual. Among the dancers performing are Sebia Plantefève-Castryck and Davi Ramos, both Black Achievement Month ambassadors during previous editions.

BLUE RAGA, presented by Dutch National Opera, honours the life and work of pianist/composer Majoie Hajary (1921-2017). She worked on La Larme d’or, a great opera depicting the history of her native Suriname, for nearly 30 years. A final version of the opera, in which Hajary included blues and Indian raga influences, was never completed. She left behind a plethora of music and text material when she died in 2017, which was donated to The Hague City Archives / Netherlands Music Institute (NMI). This information serves as the foundation for this evening. With the assistance of Ellen de Vries, Majoie Hajary’s biographer (, theatre creator Maarten van Hinte, and countertenor Arturo den Hartog, among others.