A day in the Stagecraft department

An average day in the Stagecraft department starts at 8am with the construction of a stage set for the day's rehearsals. This set has already been placed on large trolleys or floating floors on the back or rear stage and is ready for use. During rehearsals, the members of the department are responsible for set changes as well as for operating all the theatre’s technical systems.


Around the clock

At the end of the afternoon, this set is quickly dismantled to make way for the set for the performance. After the final curtain call, the staff dismantle everything again so that their colleagues have an empty stage to work on the next morning.

het toneel

Plenty of room to manoeuvre

Opera sets can be huge. For an average opera production, the set is transported back and forth on no fewer than six or seven trailers! In order to be able to perform the daily relocation, the team have at their disposal a large rear and side stage – the same size as the real stage – where the various sets can be stored. In addition, there is an assembly hall where the individual set pieces that come out of the truck are put together to make larger components.


Pulleys, hoists and winches

The team can’t pull this off without all kinds of technical theatre equipment, not only during the assembly and disassembly, but also during the performance.

The hoist system

One of the frequently used installations is the computer-controlled hoist system. Hanging above the stage are more than 100 pulleys and dozens of mobile hoists and winches, from which cloths, scenery, light and sound equipment can be suspended. Using the computer, these can be moved with great precision at the desired time.


The team

Comprising 47 members – including carpenters, operators, stage technicians and craftsmen – the team’s daily responsibilities also include preparing and developing new productions and revivals, scheduling work, drawing scenery on stage, and planning logistics.

Did you know ...

Everything runs like clockwork in Stagecraft, with thousands of wheels being set in motion every day!

Yannick van Leeuwaarde
Set: Don Giovanni
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