Vincent Loos
Photo: Jan Willem Kaldenbach

Vincent Loos

Marketing My Muse & Me

Team Opera or Team Ballet?
“I’m constantly torn about this. I find the combination of theatre, music, and singing quite appealing, and I can occasionally get totally immersed in the plot. However, some of the performances are too lengthy for me. That's what I enjoy about ballet: the performances are often brief, yet the exquisite music and movement are not compromised.”

Who would you like to invite to Dutch National Opera & Ballet?
“I suppose someone in present politics believes that budget cuts should be made in the cultural sector. I’d like to see such a politician experience the enchantment of Dutch National Opera & Ballet.”

What makes Dutch National Opera & Ballet special, in your opinion?
“I continue to be amazed by how Dutch National Opera & Ballet manages to give modern interpretations to classical productions while maintaining their classical character. Last year, I also went on a backstage tour with My Muse & Me’s board. What I observed at the Costume Department was simply fantastic. Staging the performances is an art form, but the preparation and all that goes with it is much more so!”

What would you rather do: sing in the Chorus of Dutch National Opera or dance with Dutch National Ballet?
“I’d want to sing in the Chorus of Dutch National Opera. I would then continue to do so well after retirement.”

If you could have one costume from a Dutch National Opera & Ballet production that was exactly your size, which would you choose?
“I was an extra in Carmen at the time, and I was always impressed with Escamillo’s costume. I would like to hang that one in my closet. I'm just not sure when I’d wear it.”