Emma Fiere
Photo: Jan Willem Kaldenbach

Emma Fiere

Marketing My Muse & Me

What brought you to My Muse & Me?
“In 2021, I worked as a marketing intern at Dutch National Opera & Ballet’s Marketing, Communications, and Audiences department. Two years later, I moved to Amsterdam and then happened to see a vacancy for the My Muse & Me board. Because I already knew My Muse & Me, I applied right away.”

When was your first visit to Dutch National Opera & Ballet?
“My first time at Dutch National Opera & Ballet was for a job interview for my internship there. I then had to enter through the stage door and walk quite a distance backstage through a detour to reach the interview area. I was really overwhelmed by the size. That made a huge impression on me back then.”

Who would you like to invite to Dutch National Opera & Ballet?
“A friend who is not particularly fond of ballet or opera. I enjoy being completely immersed in a performance and not thinking about anything else for a while because you are so entertained. I relax when I watch a performance, so I’d want to bring someone who is stressed.”

What makes Dutch National Opera & Ballet special, in your opinion?
“I still find it incredible that everything happens in one house. From creating the clothes and set to perfecting the dance. There are so many amazing people working on these productions.”

What would you rather do: sing in the Chorus of Dutch National Opera or dance with Dutch National Ballet?
“If I had the talent, I’d like to dance. I would love to execute a triple pirouette and be lifted by the dancers.”