A festive getaway with family and friends

Immerse yourself in the magical world of opera and ballet with family and friends during the dark days. Around Christmas and New Year's Eve, the programme includes performances that are perfect for a festive getaway. During the Christmas holidays, you can enjoy famous pas-de-deux and arias in our theatre in a sparkling atmosphere. We would love to celebrate the holidays with you!

Operetta Land

Operetta Land (8+)

A festive family production 
Operetta Land doesn’t exist. It’s an imaginary place, with imaginary people, who have imaginary adventures and burst into song at every turn. And yet, once you have set foot in Operetta Land, you’ll never want to leave.

In the family production Operetta Land, theatre producer Steef de Jong takes young and old into a compelling story, full of romance, misunderstandings, mistaken personalities, trickery and, above all, delightful music. In short, a festive production!

Dates in the Christmas holidays: 28 and 30 Dec, 1.30 pm

Het Lijflied

Het Lijflied (5+)

A musical outing through the body
Join Ina in Het Lijflied on an adventure as she takes a journey through her own body. Could she possibly understand herself a little better if she knew what was going on inside her? 

The makers of Het Lijflied were inspired by the hidden sounds, processes and stories of the human body. Composer Lucas Wiegerink wove recordings of these into his composition, which further features influences from jazz and the great opera repertoire.

Dates in the Christmas holidays: CC Amstel - 28 Dec (4 pm), 29 Dec (2 pm and 4 pm) and 30 Dec (2 pm and 4 pm); Zonnehuis - 5 Jan (2 pm and 4 pm) and 8 Jan (2 pm and 4 pm)



A thrilling opera experience
Despite the cruelty of the story, Turandot has become an audience favourite. The ruthless princess and the man who wants to make her his own at all costs capture the imagination of many - thanks to Puccini's incomparable music. A thrilling opera experience for the Christmas holidays.

Chief-conductor Lorenzo Viotti is a great lover of Puccini, and therefore enjoys to delve into this challenging and rich score with the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra and the Chorus of Dutch National Opera.

Dates in the Christmas holidays: 23, 25*, 28 and 30 Dec, 8 or *2 pm

The Sleeping Beauty

The Sleeping Beauty (8+)

Jewel in the crown
Around the holiday season, Dutch National Ballet 'kisses' the sparkling sleeping beauty to life a few more times. The Sleeping Beauty is the jewel in the crown of the repertoire. This classic fairy tale, which continues to enchant young and old, has been cast in breathtaking gold.

For children attending the performance, there is (while supplies last) a special free issue including the poster, facts, the story and the who-is-who in The Sleeping Beauty

Dates in the Christmas holidays: 31 Dec and 1 Jan, 2 pm - last tickets!