Roman Artyushkin


Roman Artyushkin (Moscow, Russia) joined Dutch National Ballet as a coryphée in 2005 and was promoted to soloist in 2008. In the 2010-2011 season, Roman went to Hong Kong to dance with The Hong Kong Ballet, but returned to Amsterdam in season 2012-2013. Roman trained at the Moscow State Academy of Choreography in his homeland (commonly known as the Bolshoi Ballet Academy) and danced with the Kremlin Ballet. He was the winner of the Moscow State Triumph Award and one of the award-winners at the Perm International Ballet Competition.


  • With Dutch National Ballet since:  2005
  • Place of birth:  Moscow (Russia)
  • Career with Dutch National Ballet:  Soloist (2008), grand sujet, coryphée (2005)
  • Previously danced with:  Kremlin Ballet (Moscow, Russia)
  • Training:  Moscow State Academy of Choreography (Moscow, Russia)
  • Awards:  State Triumph Award (Moscow, Russia) International Ballet Competition (Perm, Russia), laureate