Igone de Jongh


On 28 August 2019, it was announced that Igone de Jongh would be saying goodbye to the Dutch National Ballet. Until her farewell, she dances a number of performances in which she gives her audience the last chance to see her dance with us: during the Gala on Tuesday 10 September (sold out), then in all the performances of Best of Balanchine III and in her last three performances (10, 22 and 31 September - sold out) she dances in Romeo and Juliet.

Igone de Jongh (Haarlem, the Netherlands) is the only dancer currently working with the Dutch National Ballet who has gone through all the ranks: from aspirant in 1996 to her promotion – at the age of only 24 – to principal in 2003. Igone trained at the National Ballet Academy in Amsterdam and The Royal Ballet School in London. During her training, she won the Arnold Haskell Award, and later the Incentive Prize 2002 from Stichting Dansersfonds ’79 and the Alexandra Radius Prize in 2003. Igone is known both for her exceptional interpretations of the classical ballet repertoire and for being the muse of choreographer Hans van Manen. For the past fifteen years, Igone has been the only Dutch female principal of Dutch National Ballet. The magazine Dance Europe placed her in the top 100 international dancers in 2012. A son, Hugo, was born to Igone and former soloist Mathieu Gremillet in 2010.

As of 2015, Igone can be seen as a member of the jury in the Dutch TV programme Dance, Dance, Dance. Dance Europe listed Igone de Jongh as ‘Dancer of the year’ for her roles in John Neumaier’s La Dame aux Camelias and Hans van Manen’s Fantasia in 2015. At the Dutch Dance Festival in 2016, Igone de Jongh was presented with the Golden ‘Zwaan’ award for her great contribution to Dutch dance.


  • With the Dutch National Ballet since:  1997
  • Place of birth:  Haarlem (the Netherlands)
  • Career with Dutch National Ballet:  Principal (2003), soloist (2002), grand sujet (2000), coryphée (1999), corps de ballet (1998), élève (1997)
  • Training:  National Ballet Academy (Amsterdam, the Netherlands), The Royal Ballet School (London, United Kingdom)
  • Awards:  2017, 'Outstanding Performance by a Female Dancer' - Critic's choice; 2016, Golden Swan ; 2003, Alexandra Radius Prize 2002, Incentive Prize Dansersfonds '79 1995, Arnold Haskell Award (Londen, Verenigd Koninkrijk)