Theatre Café

Near the main entrance, next to Studio Boekman, is our brand new Theatre Café. Here you can enjoy coffee, cake, a nice glass of bubbles and other drinks.

tables and chairs in the new theatre café
Photo: Fabian Calis

Opening hours before and after the performance

You can visit the Theatre Café from two hours before the start of a performance on the Main Stage. For a performance in Studio Boekman only, this is one hour before curtain-up. 

Up to one hour after a performance on the Main Stage, you can visit the Theatre Café for drinks, afterglow and chat up.

Special activities

During special activities - such as during the Opera Forward Festival, for example - our new Theatre Café is open for all kinds of snacks and drinks.


We have a PIN-only policy in the theatre, allowing us to serve you more quickly and safely. At the bar, the shop and the cash register, you can pay contactless or by PIN.

At the bar
Photo: Fabian Calis