Rusalka campagnebeeld
Königskinder campagnebeeld
Blue campagnebeeld
Operetta Land campagnebeeld
Operetta Land
Turandot campagnebeeld
Giulio Cesare campagnebeeld
Giulio Cesare
Messa da Requiem campagnebeeld
Messa da Requiem
Animal Farm campagnebeeld
Animal Farm
Perle Noire campagnebeeld
Perle Noire: Meditations for Joséphine
Ändere die Welt! campagnebeeld
Ändere die Welt!
Der Rosenkavalier campagnebeeld
Der Rosenkavalier
Maria Stuarda campagnebeeld
Maria Stuarda
Rusalka campagnebeeld
Shadows campagnebeeld
The Sleeping Beauty campagnebeeld
The Sleeping Beauty
Balanchine / Van Manen / Arqués campagnebeeld
Balanchine / Van Manen / Arqués
Dawson campagnebeeld
Ballet Bubbles campagnebeeld
Ballet Bubbles
Messa da Requiem campagnebeeld
Messa da Requiem
Het Zwanenmeer campagnebeeld
Het Zwanenmeer
Dorian campagnebeeld
Forsythe Festival campagnebeeld
Forsythe Festival

About Marta Syrko

Marta Syrko was born in Lviv, where she later attended the local art academy to study art theory and history. She then developed her photographic style using the understanding of colour, composition, and aesthetics she acquired there. She looks for inspiration in nature, not only in native Ukrainian landscapes, but far beyond. However, her studio has always been the center of her work: this is where she can play with light and create illusions using mirrors, flowers, smoke and water. Marta has presented her work in Paris, London, Arles, and Linz over the previous ten years. She is currently based in Amsterdam, where she develops new projects and sells her earlier ones. The pieces will soon be available via Frenchman Gallery.

The making of the poster images 22/23

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