Opera Forward Festival & OFFspring

Talent development has been part of the Opera Forward Festival (OFF) DNA from the very beginning in 2016. Every year, artistic teams of students from different art schools are put together. From composer to lighting designer and from dramaturge to singer. Together they take their first steps as makers in the world of opera and music theater. During OFF they experience what it means to make opera.

OFFspring: Figaro
Opera Forward Festival 2019

Even after those first steps, DNO continues to help these young talents to take new steps in their creatorship with OFFspring: a series of four special productions by new makers and artists who have grown out of the stable of the Opera Forward Festival (OFF). The young makers entered into a dialogue with the major opera titles that the Dutch National Opera had originally programmed this autumn, but also with various districts of the city of Amsterdam and its residents. The new productions were partly realized with a contribution of € 30,000 from the Dutch National Opera & Ballet Fund.