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Keynote about diversity in ballet - from 19 July 9.00 hrs

Dutch National Ballet organizes the international ballet conference Positioning Ballet every year. The summit of the ballet world came together to debate and reflect on a number of themes: heritage, diversity and identity. Theresa Ruth Howard - former dancer, journalist and initiator of Memoirs of Blacks in Ballet - gave a keynote about diversity in ballet. It was a passionate argument about openness, diversity and responsibility: "All you have to do is invite people in."

Read the full speech here in our online magazine.



The fifth solo of Variations from ‘Gently Qiuet’ is shining is danced by Kira Hilli at Eye Filmmuseum in the North of Amsterdam. All the solos in this series are created by choreographer Peter Leung in the empty streets of Amsterdam.

Film: Altin Kaftira
Music: Setareh Nafisi en Nicholas Robert Thayer



Three dance pieces of the production Don Quichot. This version is made by top choreographer Alexei Ratmansky who created it in 2010 special for Dutch National Ballet.



Choreographer Peter Leung created a beautiful ballet in the empty streets of Amsterdam. In the fourth solo Variations of 'Gently Quiet' you see Tess Sturmann dancing at Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam in the East of Amsterdam. Gently Quiet is a part of our alternative program.

Choreografie: Peter Leung Choreographer
Film: Altin Kaftira
Muziek: Setareh Nafisi en Nicholas Robert Thayer


Choreography Avec le Temps

Choreographer Annabelle Lopez Ochoa created a choreography called on the song Avec le Temps a cover by Wende Snijders. The dance was filmed by Annabelle herself and dancers Jingjing Mao and Rémy Catalan. The result is this initimate video! Let us know in the comments what you think of the choreography.

Choreography, camera and edit: Annabelle Lopez Ochoa
Music: Léo Ferré by Wende Snijders
Dancers: Jingjing Mao and Rémy Catalan



Gently Quiet with Luiza Bertho

"I thought artists are like butterflies: outside, free, dancing... flying", choreographer Peter Leung says about Gently Quiet: 11 short dance films, performed in a deserted Amsterdam. This week, part 3: a special solo by coryphée Luiza Bertho on the IJ in Amsterdam North.


The making-of the social distancing tutu

Het Nationale Ballet en G-Star RAW hebben de krachten gebundeld voor een unieke samenwerking waarbij de ‘nieuwe realiteit’: social distancing, op een artistieke manier gevisualiseerd wordt. Speciaal voor deze samenwerking heeft Nationale Opera & Ballet een constructie ontworpen van een tutu met een doorsnede van 3 meter, waar G-Star Raw een indrukwekkend denim design op heeft gemaakt. 


Variations uit ‘Gently Quiet’ met Dustin True

“Ik bedacht dat artiesten als vlinders zijn, vlinders die willen vliegen. In deze korte films stellen ze zich voor dat ze buiten zijn, vrij, dansend… vliegend.” - Peter Leung, choreograaf van Gently Quiet . Samen met filmmaker Altin Kaftira maakte hij elf korte dansfilms, opgevoerd in een verlaten Amsterdam. In deze tweede solo Variations uit ‘Gently Quiet’ danst Dustin True voor de Hermitage Amsterdam aan een stille Amstel rivier.
Muziek: Setareh Nafisi en Nicholas Robert Thayer


The making-of the social distancing tutu

Last week, Dutch National Ballet and G-Star RAW joined forces for a unique collaboration in which the 'new reality', social distancing, is visualized in an artistic way. Especially for this collaboration, Dutch National Opera & Ballet designed a construction of a 3-meter wide tutu, on which G-Star Raw has created an impressive denim design.


'Variations' from Gently Quiet with Dustin True

“I started to imagine that artists are like butterflies, wanting to fly. In these films they are imagining that they are outside and free, dancing… flying” - Peter Leung, choreographer of Gently Quiet. Together with filmmaker Altin Kaftira, he created eleven short dance films shot in a deserted Amsterdam. In this second solo 'Variations' from Gently Quiet you see Dustin True dancing in front of the Hermitage Amsterdam museum next to a quiet Amstel river. 
Music: Setareh Nafisi and Nicholas Robert Thayer


G-Star RAW and Dutch National Ballet join forces for a unique collaboration in which the 'new reality', social distancing, is visualized in an artistic way. The socially distanced society is reflected in a special choreography by principal and choreographer Remi Wörtmeyer, accompanied by the Dutch Ballet Orchestra, with an impressive 3-meter wide denim tutu as the centerpiece. Inspired by the empty theaters, artists without a stage, and the dance of each individual to find their way in the new normal. 

Read more about Safe Distance Ballet

‘Variations’ from Gently Quiet

Every week for the next months we will share a solo from the series Gently Quiet by choreographer Peter Leung and filmmaker Altin Kaftira. In this first solo ‘Variations’ from Gently Quiet you see Grand sujet Erica Horwood dancing in the abandoned Hortus Botanicus of Amsterdam.


25 years ago, David Dawson joined our company as a dancer. Soon his exceptional choreographic talent became clear. In 2000 he created his first large-scale production for our company, while he was still a dancer at the time: A Million Kisses to my Skin, and its success led to a highly successful international career. From 2004 to 2006, David was resident choreographer with Dutch National Ballet, and he has been our company's Artistic Associate since 2015.

His work is performed by many major international ballet companies, including Semperoper Ballett, San Francisco Ballet, Mariinsky Ballet, English National Ballet, The Royal Ballet, Bayerisches Staatsballett, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Staatsballett Berlin, Boston Ballet and Vienna State Opera Ballet. He has won numerous awards for his work, including the Benois de la Danse (2003), and a Golden Mask (2006), and he has been nominated for two Golden Swans (2003 and 2013), a second Benois de la Danse (2010), and most recently The Isadora Duncan Dance Award (2019).

Dutch National Ballet regularly performs new and existing work by David, including Timelapse (Mnemosyne) (2011), Overture (2013), Empire Noir (2016), Citizen Nowhere (2017), Tristan + Isolde (2018) and Requiem (2019), and very soon his highly anticipated The Four Seasons. David Dawson's unique style is deeply rooted in classical ballet, which he stretches to its limits, giving it both clarity and deep emotionality. Enjoy these highlights from David’s work with us at Dutch National Ballet.

World premiere Gently Quiet

We proudly present you ... the world premiere of Gently Quiet! Peter Leung, young creative associate at Dutch National Ballet and filmmaker Altin Kaftira, created eleven short dance videos recorded at various deserted outdoor locations in Amsterdam during the lockdown. We will be releasing videos from the series Gently Quiet in the upcoming weeks, but for now, enjoy this beautiful compilation video. 

More information: Gently Quiet

Direction: Peter Leung & Altin Kaftira
Concept & Choreographer: Peter Leung
Camera & Editing: Altin Kaftira
Music: Setareh Nafisi & Nicholas Robert Thayer
Dancers: Luiza Bertho, Kira Hilli, Erica Horwood, Sebia Plantefève, Yvonne Slingerland, Bastiaan Stoop, Tess Sturmann, Antonina Tchirpanlieva, Dustin True, Lore Zonderman, Alejandro Zwartendijk.

Gently Quiet

Dancers of Dutch National Ballet dance in the streets on their own

Dancers from Dutch National Ballet have recently loomed up all over the quiet city. Lonely and alone, they danced in some typical places of Amsterdam. The dancers are working together on Gently Quiet, a poetic production by choreographer Peter Leung and cameraman Altin Kaftira, which depicts how we are sometimes far apart from each other nowadays.

The project already aroused some interest. Apart from getting attention in the international media, a lot of people stay still on the street and watch. Especially children sometimes dance along enthusiastically. Gently Quiet offers the dancers a small stage, a small audience and a sense of connection with colleagues and company.

In the meantime, however, it also delivers something else. Peter Leung: "Many dancers have been continuously engaged in dance since they were eleven years old, now there is time for reflection. They come out of their cocoon like butterflies".

Bastiaan Stoop, dancer of Dutch National Ballet, during filming for Gently Quiet on a bridge in Amsterdam.

#dancersathome - Remi Wörtmeyer

First soloist and choreographer Remi Wörtmeyer is a top artist. Besides creating choreographies and dances at the highest level, Remi also creates beautiful costumes and works of art. Watch here how Remi works.

#dancersathome - Alexandria Marx


Dancers perform a new choreography in Lock down

Hold on.
Dancer and choreographer Milena Sidorova created a choreography inspired by the global lock down due to the corona virus. Together with the other dancers from Dutch National Ballet she presents her choreography 'Hold on' to the song 'Hold on' from the Dutch band Di-rect.
























#dancersathome - Daniel Montero Real

Making-of Barre and floors

Because the Dutch National Ballet's studios are currently closed, we're bringing the studio to our dancers. Over the past few weeks, our props department has worked hard to make barres and floors for all our dancers. That way, our dancers can still dance and train, but in their own homes.


Ballerina dances in the empty streets of Amsterdam

Hou vol. In afstand zullen we elkaar op nieuwe manieren vinden. Niets kan ons stoppen schoonheid, mededogen en liefde te tonen. Blijf muziek maken, blijf dansen en bovenal: blijf veilig. ❤️ #artconnectsusall #keepondancing Dit speciale project is gemaakt door filmmaker Sasho Pramatarov, featuring Marc Daniel van Biemen en Floor Eimers, op nieuwe muziek van Bob Zimmerman. . . . . . . . . Stay strong. In distance we will find each other in new ways. Nothing can stop us from showing beauty, kindness and love. Keep dancing and stay safe. Director: Sasho Pramatarov Dance: Floor Eimers (Het Nationale Ballet Violist: Marc Daniel van Biemen (Het Koninklijk Concertgebouworkest) Composer: Bob Zimmerman Location: Het Concertgebouw

Geplaatst door Het Nationale Ballet - Dutch National Ballet op Dinsdag 14 april 2020


How to make a ballet? Becoming Frida - YouTube playlist

Have you always wondered how a ballet is made? In this YouTube playlist you can see how a new ballet is created. Frida: from the first rehearsal to the stage.

Adagio Hammerklavier - Hans van Manen

Adagio Hammerklavier is regarded worldwide as one of the classics of twentieth-century dance. Van Manen himself calls the choreography for three couples an 'ode to delay'. Inspired by an Adagio from a piano sonata by Beethoven, Van Manen investigates how slow a movement can be. He once described the result as 'a wheel that, after a move, still just runs, just doesn't fall over'.