Olga Khoziainova

First pianist

The Russian pianist Olga Khoziainova (Yalta) started her musical training at the age of ten at the Special School for Music in Kiev. When she was 19, she went on to study piano, music history and music theory at the same school. She continued her studies in Moscow, where she graduated in 1982. On graduating, she joined Cameral Ballet in Moscow (now the National Theatre) as a pianist. At the same time, she worked as a concertmaster and soloist with the Moscow Union of Music Ensembles. In 1993, she continued her career with the Finnish National Ballet and worked with Hamburg Ballet and American Ballet Theatre.

In 1998, she joined Dutch National Ballet as first pianist. Besides her work with various ballet companies, Olga Khoziainova gives regular performances as a concert pianist. She went on tour to Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Shanghai, Beijing, London, Paris and other cities in Europa, and performed on festivals in Ediburgh (Scotland) and Houston (USA).