20 Feb - 4 Mar 2022


Dutch National Opera & Ballet, Auditorium

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Made in Amsterdam

Dance art rooted in Dutch soil

The New York Times listed Dutch National Ballet as one of the five companies in the world making an important contribution to the future of ballet, through continually presenting new creations. We cherish and celebrate this reputation with the Made in Amsterdam programme, in which we present two premiere ballets by leading choreographers as well as a revival of a famous masterpiece. Every single one of them is a product of Amsterdam.

Dance art rooted in Dutch soil

In this reworked version of Made in Amsterdam, which unfortunately cannot take place in its original form in April due to the current situation regarding the coronavirus, the latest works by Wubkje Kuindersma and Sedrig Verwoert are premiered. Both young choreographers have been working with Dutch National Ballet as 'Young Creative Associates' since the beginning of 2021. In recent years, Kuindersma has created several striking works for both Dutch National Ballet and the Junior Company, including her duet Two and Only, which has received a great deal of international praise. Now, with Anatomy of Light, she is creating a new piece for ten dancers, on music by Jacob ter Veldhuis.


Embodiment of light

Kuindersma: “This creation was inspired by my fascination and love for light. The idea that we embody light appeals to my imagination. Light is for me a metaphor for the soul, life force, hope and transformation. The magical phenomenon of white light breaking into countless colours inspired me to choose a prism for the set design. Anatomy of Light is set to music by Jacob ter Veldhuis. When I listened to his Rainbow Concerto, a rainbow literally appeared! For this creation, I worked together with lighting designer Tom Visser and set and costume designer Tatyana van Walsum.”


Duet for the royal dance couple

Alongside the premiere ballets by two young choreographers, we also present the masterpiece Voorbij gegaan by renowned choreographer Rudi van Dantzig. Few have left such a mark on the Dutch ballet scene as Van Dantzig. Voorbij gegaan was created in 1979 for The Netherlands’ most famous dance couple Alexandra Radius and Han Ebbelaar. In honour of their 20th anniversary as dancers, he choreographed this classic pas-de-deux to etudes by composer and pianist Frédéric Chopin.


Present-day reality and identity

Do All Dogs Go To Heaven? is a new work by Sedrig Verwoert on today's world, in which themes such as virtual reality and identity are extremely relevant. What is the meaning of reality and identity in today's world? How humane is everything today? How are we connected? And how do we (as individuals) transform ourselves in this process? In this new choreography, this transformation is visualised with a focus on the body.

As such, it is also a search for the boundaries of classical ballet art. Together with artists Bart Hess (costumes) and Nick Verstand (lighting and set design), this theme is given visual form. The music is written by the American composer Julius Eastman, a black, gay artist who strived to fulfil these roles to the fullest.


Anatomy of Light

Concept and choreography  Wubkje Kuindersma

Music  Jacob ter Veldhuis

Lighting design  Tom Visser

Costume and set design  Tatyana van Walsum

Musical advice  Jan Pieter Koch


Voorbij gegaan

Choreography  Rudi van Dantzig

Music  Frédéric Chopin


Do All Dogs Go To Heaven?

Choreography  Sedrig Verwoert

Art director / concept  Sedrig Verwoert

Music  Julius Eastman

Assistant choreography  Reina Trifunovic

Costume design  Bart Hess

Light artist  Nick Verstand

Sound design and audio edit  Salvador Breed

Trailer - Made in Amsterdam

Trailer - Made in Amsterdam

Anatomy of Light - Wubkje Kuindersma

Anatomy of Light

Do all Dogs go to Heaven? - Sedrig Verwoert

Do all Dogs go to Heaven? - Sedrig Verwoert

Do all Dogs go to Heaven? - Sedrig Verwoert

Do all Dogs go to Heaven? - Sedrig Verwoert

Voorbij Gegaan - Rudi van Dantzig

Voorbij Gegaan

Made in Amsterdam - podcast part 1

In this (Dutch) podcast, Lin van Ellinckhuijsen speaks with Wubkje Kuindersma, Young Creative Associate at Dutch National Ballet. They speak about her career, her new work Anatomy of Light and whether the time pressure has consequences for her new choreography.

Made in Amsterdam - podcast part 1

By: Lin van Ellinckhuijsen

Made in Amsterdam - podcast part 2

In this (Dutch) podcast, Lin van Ellinckhuijsen gives a digital introduction to the special programme Made in Amsterdam.

Made in Amsterdam - podcast part 2

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