This show was to be seen in December 2016


Nationale Opera & Ballet, Grote Zaal

Running time

2:10, 2 breaks



Links een vrouw in een roze jurk en blond haar, ze staat met haar armen wijd en haar ellebogen gebogen. Rechts een man met zwart haar, een snor en een gestreept pak. Hij heeft zijn hand onder zijn kin.

Festive family performance

The must-see family performance for the festive season. A wonderful feel-good ballet for ages four and up.

Festive family performance

Artistic team

For the libretto of Coppelia, choreographer and artistic director of Dutch National Ballet Ted Brandsen worked closely with Janine Brogt, who has plenty of experience in adapting the classics for theatre and opera. Sieb Posthuma (1960 – 2014) created a colourful and magical world for Coppelia, so that the audience feels as though they have stepped into an illustrated book, thanks also to the imaginative and ‘retro-futuristic’ ballet costumes designed by François- Noël Cherpin.

Der Sandmann

The premiere of the late-Romantic comedy ballet Coppelia, based on E.T.A. Hoffmann’s story Der Sandmann, took place at the Paris Opera in 1870. It was created by the very popular choreographer of the day, Arthur Saint-Léon, to music by Léo Delibes. The ballet has been presented in countless versions and adaptations, including several films. Dutch National Ballet’s Coppelia has retained the essence of the story: how beauty can be fabricated and the truth concealed behind glamour. The laboratory of the original story has become a clinic where botox treatments and breast lifts are carried out. The stage set is no longer a folklore village, but a sports school and juice bar, complete with characters that appear to have walked out of a cartoon.

Twee dansers, een man en een vrouw.


In short

Coppelia tells the story of Swanhilda, who stands up to the mysterious muse of Dr. Coppelius, Coppelia, in order not to lose her beloved Franz. It soon appears that there is much more going on than just the battle between the two rivals.

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