Ying Fang en Odin Lund Biron in der Freischütz
Photo: Bart Grietens

World Opera Day 2022 - Watch Der Freischütz at home

24 October 2022

Tuesday, 25 October is World Opera Day. This day is dedicated to the special art form and in this year's theme, Unboxing Opera, opera houses all over the world open their (virtual) doors for a peek behind the scenes.

Dutch National Opera is happy to contribute to this festive day and, to mark the occasion, is presenting an online stream of the opera Der Freischütz. The new production Der Freischütz, which premiered in June 2022, provides the audience with a musical insight into the wonderful world of opera. In his version, Serebrennikov has done away with the German forest and has instead opted for a rehearsal studio full of artists. It's an opera about an opera, in which ambition, fear of failure and superstition feature just as prominently.

With the theme of this World Opera Day being Unboxing Opera, Serebrennikov's opera fits in perfectly: it approaches opera from the inside out and introduces you to the art form on a whole new level. Serebrennikov was recently awarded the Best Director prize on behalf of the prestigious German monthly Opernwelt. The reviews were also positive:

“It is an eerily good ‘Freischütz’, in which nothing is what it used to be.” – Trouw ★★★★★

“At Dutch National Opera, Weber's Der Freischütz is not a hunter's tale but a merciless insight into the machinations of the opera business. Irreverent yet infectious.” – NRC ★★★★

Enjoy this unique production by director Kirill Serebrennikov from the comfort of your own living room! The stream will be available starting at noon on October 25th following the button below and will be available for 24 hours.