Scènebeeld van Remembrance tijdens de Ballet Bubbles tournee
Remembrance (2023) | Photo: Michel Schnater

Junior Company presents an exclusive anniversary programme during Holland Dance Festival

9 January 2024

In celebration of its tenth anniversary, the Junior Company will present an exclusive anniversary programme at the Holland Dance Festival. Dance fans will get the chance to enjoy an exclusive performance including highlights from the Junior Company’s remarkable repertory on 27 January 2024, in Amare, The Hague.

The programme consists of five works: Valse Fantaisie by George Balanchine, Embers by Ernst Meisner, Echoes of Memories by Joseph Toonga, Out in the Heartland by Beatriz Mira & Tiago Barreiros, and Remembrance by Joshua Junker.

Holland Dance Festival

From 24 January to 17 February 2024, the Netherlands will be all about international dance. For four weeks, the Holland Dance Festival, for the nineteenth time, opens a window to the world in The Hague, Delft, Tilburg, and Rotterdam.

Holland Dance Festival showcases the universal character and the enormous richness and versatility of dance. The festival aims for innovation without forgetting the history of dance. Dance icons take the spotlight, and leading choreographies find a place in the festival. But of course, dance art cannot thrive without ‘new blood’, and therefore the festival also provides a stage for emerging dancers and choreographers.