18 June; at 14:00 and 16:00 (try-outs)


Dutch National Opera & Ballet, Boekmanzaal

Running time



€ 5,00

Be Opera XL

A musical tale in collaboration with the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra (6+)

Try-outs of the youth production which will premiere next season...

Ton is 12 and lives in the attic above his parents’ bakery. There he builds huts, writes beautiful poems and... keeps his biggest secret. Because what many don’t know is that Ton loves opera. But what if his classmates find out?

A musical tale in collaboration with the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra (6+)

Be Opera is a musical experience for the whole family. With more than a hint of humour and drama, actor Ton Meijer talks about what it’s like to be a child and love opera, as well as his fear of not being taken seriously. While experiencing how Ton comes clean to his class, you will be introduced to opera fragments that have been built to stand the test of time.


XL version, try-outs

Ton Meijer has created various theatrical concerts for young audiences together with soprano Marijje van Stralen. For Be Opera, they have joined forces with Dutch National Opera in a bid to pass on their love for opera to the next generation. Be Opera will be played by a small musical ensemble at schools and theatres across the country. In our own theatre, we will be presenting the ‘XL version’ with an ensemble of musicians from the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra. The performance will premiere in May 2023; we are already playing some try-outs this season.

Passing on a love of opera to the next generation

Performance information

Libretto & performance  Ton Meijer

Marijje van Stralen
Makudu Senaoana
Liza Lozica
Music by greats such as Puccini,
Verdi, Mozart and Monteverdi,
adapted by Toek Numan
Stage direction  Eric Robillard
Scenography  Sanne Oostervink
Dramaturgy  Wout van Tongeren

Musicians of the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra

School performances
Private matinee performances will be given especially to schools.

Music experience for the whole family

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