6 April - 25 May


Tour, Netherlands

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Dansers: Catarina Pires, Isaac Mueller, Guillermo Torrijos en Kyoko Yamamoto

From Swan Lake to world premieres

Every year, the most talented of over 700 applications from young dancers all over the world are selected to join Dutch National Ballet’s Junior Company. This season, the group is touring theatres around the Netherlands with Shooting Stars, a programme that includes classics as well as exciting contemporary world premieres.

The Junior Company has enjoyed great success in the international scene. For example, at the beginning of 2020, shortly before the first corona lockdown, the company gave three hugely successful performances in Indonesia. Moreover, over forty percent of the ranks of Dutch National Ballet is now made up of former Junior Company dancers, including no fewer than seven soloists and one principal dancer. Shooting Stars is, therefore, the ideal opportunity to get to know the stars of the future.


Flawless execution

In Shooting Stars, the company will dance the classical ‘Pas de Six’ from the acclaimed version of Swan Lake choreographed by former artistic director Rudi van Dantzig. The choreography demands flawless execution and strong charisma. Also demanding is Ballet 101, a humorous yet technically challenging male solo by the Canadian choreographer Eric Gauthier. In his choreography, he uses the basic positions of classical ballet as the starting point for a hilarious crash course.



Shooting Stars also includes four world premieres by promising choreographers. The first new work is by the Ukrainian-Dutch maker Milena Sidorova, who had a huge hit during the first lockdown with Hold On, to the number of the same name by DI-RECT, and recently with her passionately intimate dance film Rose (which is available on YouTube until the end of 2021). The second premiere is by the British choreographer Peter Leung, who is known for the way he ‘stretches’ the limits of classical ballet. And the third creation is by the Spaniard Marta Reig-Torres, who up to now has made her name mainly in the modern dance scene. The fourth premiere is by Zoë Greten, final year student at the Dutch National Ballet Academy. After creating interesting work for the Choreographic Academy last summer, she will now create a new short piece for Shooting Stars.

Performance information

Pas de six from Swan Lake

Choreography: Rudi van Dantzig
Music: Pjotr Iljitsj Tsjaikovski

Ballet 101

Choreography: Eric Gauthier
Music: Jens-Peter Abele

New choreographies

Milena Sidorova, Peter Leung, Marta Reig Torres en Zoë Greten. 


Junior Company

The foundation of the Junior Company in 2013 created a stepping stone for young dancers to make the transition from the Dutch National Ballet Academy to Dutch National Ballet. The Junior Company bridges the gap between training and professional practice.

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Mila Nicolussi Caviglia

‘A chance in a million’

Junior Company dancer Mila Nicolussi Caviglia:

“For me, being part of the Junior Company is a chance in a million. It’s wonderful to be able to measure up to other young dancers from all over the world. Our ballet masters pay attention to every detail, but they also teach us to be ourselves on stage. I’m really looking forward to the coming season. We get so many opportunities to help us develop further.”

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