26-27 May 2022


Dutch National Opera & Ballet, Boekmanzaal

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New moves

New choreographic talent

New creations are the ‘lifeblood’ of every dance company, in the opinion of Ted Brandsen, director of Dutch National Ballet. So since he took the helm in 2003, the company has organised New Moves, an annual event in which dancers of Dutch National Ballet can develop and present their choreographic talents. Due to the corona pandemic, it was not possible to present New Moves in 2020 and in 2021 only a digital edition could take place. We are, therefore, looking forward to a new live edition of this exciting event.

New choreographic talent

In the 1970s, Dutch National Ballet was the first Dutch dance company to give its dancers the opportunity to create ballets themselves in choreographic workshops – in those days incidentally and outside regular performances and rehearsals. It produced many talented choreographers, including David Dawson, Jan Linkens, Krzysztof Pastor, John Wisman and the current artistic director of Dutch National Ballet, Ted Brandsen himself.



Therefore, Ted Brandsen knows from his own experience how important such an opportunity is for up-and-coming choreographers. So when he became director of Dutch National Ballet in 2003, he decided more or less immediately to make the choreographic workshop a permanent fixture on the programme, under the title New Moves. And it has had some great results. Thanks to New Moves, many dancers and ex-dancers from the company have made their name as choreographers in recent years. Young choreographers like Juanjo Arqués, Daniela Cardim, Monique Duurvoort, Peter Leung, Ernst Meisner, Milena Sidorova and Remi Wörtmeyer have attracted attention for their exciting, virtuoso, humorous and moving creations.


Soloist roles

Every edition of New Moves gives you the opportunity to discover the choreographers of the future. Moreover, you get to see the performers in a new light. For them, New Moves is often an ideal opportunity to gain experience in soloist roles, discover other sides of themselves and show different talents.

Performance information

The following choreographers will participate in New Moves:

Daniel Silva, Pascal Johnson, Bela Erlandson, Catarina Pires, Kara Roseborough, Kirsten Wicklund, Matchima Josephine Flos and Robin van Zutphen.

Trailer New Moves 2021/2022

Trailer New Moves
New Moves Online: Daniel Robert Silva - Intra
New Moves Online: Pascal Johnson and Sem Sjouke - Mirage
New Moves Online: Jakob Feyferlik - Oblivion
New Moves Online: Claire Tjoe-Fat and Philippe Magdelijns - Sonder

Free programme booklet

Click on the link below and receive the free online programme booklet before the premiere. The booklet contains beautiful images and everything you need to know about New Moves!

New Moves behind the scenes by Sem Sjouke

New Moves
Pascal Johnson

‘I have discovered so much about myself through New Moves’

Dancer/ choreographer Pascal Johnson:

“For me, New Moves is a sacred place, where you can let anything happen and explore your own artistry. Working on my own contributions to New Moves in recent months, I’ve discovered so much about myself,
and about what appeals to me or not. I’m so curious as to what New Moves will bring this season, now we can return from a digital edition
to performing live!”

Raving reviews
In the media
2 July

It’s clear from everything this evening that the prospective choreographers, the dancers and the others involved are doing their utmost to get their ideas across the footlights. The works last a few minutes each, creating a tight-knit programme (..) which is bursting with energy.

5 July

The pieces ranged from initial ideas to full-fledged works with clear storylines and fluid sequences. They were all performed with great energy and were highly entertaining.

Partners Junior Company

Partner New Moves

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