24 Sep 2023


Dutch National Opera & Ballet, Grote Studio

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60 minutes



new moves

Dance makers of the future

Talented new choreographers do not grow on trees, especially in the ballet world. So Dutch National Ballet pulls out all the stops to enthuse and encourage young makers, and to give them opportunities. Besides organising an annual Choreographic Academy – in which promising talents work with dancers from the Junior Company for three weeks – the company also challenges its own dancers and young makers from outside to present their creations to the audience in the New Moves programme.

Photo: Khayla Fitzpatrick

Dance makers of the future

Each edition of New Moves comes up with new surprises again, giving you the chance to go on an adventure with the dance makers of the future. And your presence also contributes to the development of new talent. This is important, says artistic director Ted Brandsen, because, “I strongly believe in the power of creativity and the need for our art form to continually rediscover itself. We have to invest time, energy and resources in the development of young choreographers.”


Different sides and talents

As well as honing choreographic skills, in preparing for New Moves the aspirant makers can develop other talents, for example as a composer, designer of sets, costumes or lighting, stage manager or marketeer. And for the dancers appearing in their colleagues’ creations, New Moves is an important opportunity to gain experience in soloist roles and to show new sides of themselves.



In the 1970s, Dutch National Ballet was the first Dutch dance company to give its dancers the opportunity to create ballets themselves – in those days on an incidental basis. Ted Brandsen turned this into an annual project, which has produced many new makers in recent years, including Juanjo Arqués, Daniela Cardim, Monique Duurvoort, Peter Leung, Ernst Meisner, Milena Sidorova and Remi Wörtmeyer.


Al son de la nostalgia
Choreography and performance  Alexander Álvarez Silvestre
Music  Billie Holiday – I’ll Be Seeing You en I’m a Fool to Want You

Tu Me Manques
Choreography  Kirsten Wicklund
Performance  Bo-Ann Zehl, Robin Park
Music  Giulio Caccini – Amarilli mia bella
Ballet master  Caroline Sayo Iura
Dramaturgy  Peggy Olislaegers

Choreography and performance  Daniel Robert Silva
Music  Thomas Beijer – Motion Games

Echoes of the Past
Choreography and performance  Claire Tjoe-Fat
Muziek  Gabriel Rajah – Echoes of the Past

Trilogy Anecdotes
Choreography  Luca Abdel-Nour
Performance  Vincent Fell, Guillermo Torrijos, Mila Nicolussi Caviglia, Bo-Ann Zehl, Hà Nhi Trân
Music  Nader Abbassi – Nile Bride en Between Dusk and Dawn

Reflection of Oneself
Choreography and performance  Sebia Plantefève-Castryck
Music  Kokoroko - Abusey Junction

nobody asked
Choreography  Claire Tjoe-Fat
Performance  Alexander Álvarez Silvestre, Sander Baaij, Rafael Valdez
Music  TBA

Choreography and performance  Beatriz Kuperus
Music  Peter Sandberg - Dismantle

I feel so possesive, darling
Choreography  Leo Hepler
Performance  Alexandria Marx, Bela Erlandson
Music  Bent Knee - Good Girl

Out in the Heartland
Choreography  Tiago Barreiros, Beatriz Mira
Performance  Alexander Álvarez Silvestre, Hà Nhi Trân
Music  Beach House – PPP
Ballet master  Caroline Sayo Iura

‘The power of creativity and the need for innovation’

Trailer New Moves
Teaser New Moves

Choreographically, there was a lot to see (...) a wonderful evening (...) I think that next year New Moves deserves a couple more performances

28 May

The pieces ranged from initial ideas to full-fledged works with clear storylines and fluid sequences. They were all performed with great energy and were highly entertaining

5 July
New Moves 23-24
New Moves - Dutch National Ballet 23-24 | Photos: Nina Tonoli
New Moves 23-24
New Moves 23-24
New Moves 23-24
New Moves 23-24
New Moves 23-24

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