This show was to be seen in september 2020


Nationale Opera & Ballet, Grote zaal

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Woman in red dress

Legendary ballet by the grand master

To our great regret, we are forced to cancel the performance 29 September due to the advice of the central government regarding the Coronavirus. Read more information here:

Legendary ballet by the grand master

Only 6 performances

Of the more than 125 ballets Hans van Manen has created so far, Live is without doubt the most legendary. Van Manen created it in 1979 and since then the choreography for a female dancer and a cameraman, with a male dancer at the end, has touched tens of thousands of people. An iconic ballet that, through the use of live video footage, almost seems to have been created for this time.

Man en vrouw hangen

Live camera | Live performance

Unique in this work by Hans van Manen is the use of live camera footage of a live performance. How does the camera direct your gaze? And what do you see? All the possibilities of the camera are explored. More than 40 years on, this form of 'live streaming' is more relevant and topical than ever.


Live has only been performed twice before at Dutch National Opera & Ballet, at the 2003 Ballet Gala of Stichting Dansersfonds '79 and, in the 2015-2016 season, as part of the Hans van Manen Live programme. This season, Live will be performed only 6 times.

Vrouw zit op de grond, rode jurk.

Principal Maia Makhateli seduces the following camera with a mischievous look in Live. .... . The great auditorium looks empty with the scattered spectators seated. Yet the vermilion of the staircase and the empty plush, beautifully flames up with the bright red of her short ballet dress. Makhateli turns it into a bright portrait of a woman, less mysterious than the original.

22 September

Live: The use of video is more the rule than the exception in contemporary dance practice, but brought with such fantastic sensitivity as in the groundbreaking 'Live' at the time, you never see it.

15 September

A rare, moving beauty experience (...). One of the most impressive events in Dutch theatre history.

7 September