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In and out

Less is more

After Hans van Manen Variations, Dutch National Ballet presents another jewel from Hans van Manen's treasury: In and Out. A choreography with twelve dancers from the Junior Company and three castes promises an interesting evening.

Less is more

Master of limits

Hans van Manen is known as the master of limits. Figuratively, because there is no unnecessary decoration and decoration; dance in its purest form is his trademark. Less is more is his motto. But he is also literally the master of limits: Van Manen likes to impose restrictions on himself.

In In and out he does this in the spatial sense with the set of three cabinets, in which twelve dancers continuously disappear and reappear. One moment they are all in a cupboard, the next moment they hang, crawl and climb over the three cupboards, and then they storm across the stage. Initially the atmosphere is playful, light and sexy, but when Nina Hagen takes over from Laurie Anderson in the music, the atmosphere becomes aggressive and toxic. 

In and out
In and out

Junior company

The foundation of the Junior Company in 2013 created a stepping stone for young dancers to make the transition from the Dutch National Ballet Academy to Dutch National Ballet. The Junior Company bridges the gap between training and professional practice.

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Lovely reviews

With its irony, venom and attitudes that are "forbidden" according to classical laws, it [In and out, red.] [...] still offers surprises to the public - which, as always, jubilantly rose from the chairs.

19 April
from our audience

Wonderful young dancers! Fantastic choreography! Viva Hans Van Manen! 🌹🎶👏

- Silvano

👏👏👏 what a beautiful choreography and performance.

- Danielle

Thanks guys! Beautiful and captivating performance; I so enjoyed watching it! Hope to see you live in theater again soon!

- Trudie

Wonderful! and especially that music by Nina Hagen. Brilliant!

- Jeanneke