Marina Viotti
Photo: David Ruanoquer

Lorenzo and Marina Viotti on Die Fledermaus

1 March 2024

He is a conductor, she a mezzo-soprano. The Viotti brother and sister duo practise their respective professions with unbridled enthusiasm and to the highest international standards. They are looking forward to working together in the beloved operetta Die Fledermaus.

Marina:Die Fledermaus is a very well put together operetta. The music is so catchy and sparkling that you can’t get it out of your mind for days or even weeks. The libretto is full of humour and each character has multiple layers and facets. This opera is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.”

Lorenzo: “I see operetta as one of the finest genres in classical music. It is a challenge to get the humour across in the right way, as well as the emotions that are in the operetta. This demands a great deal of sensitivity from me as a conductor. Like with a good joke, the effect is lost if you explain too much. It needs to be something you feel. Fortunately, the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra and I have got to know each other so well over the last few years that we’re more than ready for this challenge.”

Marina: “I love the fact that I will be playing the role of the rich, eccentric, bored Prince Orlofsky. He may not be the most sympathetic character, but that makes him all the more fun for me as a performer. How I play him will also depend to a large extent on the director’s ideas: Orlofsky can have a strong accent, be an alcoholic, be highly androgynous or be genuinely mad. The part is also a vocal challenge because it is relatively high for me as a mezzo-soprano.”

Lorenzo Viotti
Lorenzo Viotti | Photo: Jan Willem Kaldenbach

Lorenzo: All the singers in the cast – without exception – are world-class. It is also really special for me to get the opportunity to work with one of the people who is dearest to me: my sister Marina. Marina and I have worked together before, but not yet at Dutch National Opera. We have a strong bond and understand one another intuitively. I’m sure she will perform the role of Prince Orlofsky with plenty of humour and class.”

Marina Viotti

“We feel music in the same way”

Marina: “I love working with Lorenzo, firstly because we feel the music in the same way. We know instinctively what the other means without having to put it into words. We both have busy schedules, which makes it difficult to see one another much, so that makes us value the time we can spend working together on and off the stage all the more. I can’t wait to start this new adventure together!”

Text: Niels Nuijten

Marina Viotti

Mezzo-soprano Marina Viotti studied flute and classical voice. Besides her classical vocal training, she experimented with jazz, heavy metal and the French chanson. She has sung leading roles on the stages of Dresden, Moscow, Berlin, Zurich, Munich and Paris, and has been awarded a prestigious Victoire de la Musique.

Lorenzo Viotti

Lorenzo Viotti has served as chief conductor of Dutch National Opera and the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra since September 2021. He has conducted at opera houses in cities such as Zurich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Vienna, Paris and Milan.