About the Hans van Manen Foundation


The Hans van Manen Foundation was established to fulfil a need to safeguard Dutch cultural heritage and, in particular, to manage, monitor and disseminate Hans van Manen’s choreographic work. We hope to achieve this by archiving, managing and preserving his various choreographies. Our aim is to ensure widespread dissemination of Hans van Manen's works – including video footage and technical specifications. We hope to encourage and facilitate research into this particular art form and time period.


Professional dissemination of Van Manen’s works

Companies who are interested in performing one of Van Manen’s choreographies will be closely supervised to ensure the meaning of the piece has been interpreted correctly. To this end, the foundation will ensure rehearsal staff are properly trained so that they are able to supervise this process of artistic collaboration with respect to set, costume and lighting design.


The objective is to keep Hans van Manen's choreographies alive by actively promoting them among ballet companies and schools all over the world. 


We hope to join forces with educational institutions to help dance companies (including dancers, teachers and students) become acquainted with Hans van Manen's work, either through workshops or other types of training sessions. In addition to training dancers and talented, young dance students, we will also be looking to train journalists so that they have the knowledge required to write reviews about these performances. 


Each choreography created during the time frame 1960 to 2017, characterises a particular period. It is important that all of these pieces, which involve multiple disciplines, are archived together in a logical and coherent manner. What is more, Van Manen’s pieces have inspired many other professional fields besides set, costume and lighting design. For instance, he is known to have sparked the creativity of many writers. 
This is why the foundation is keen to encourage research into how these different disciplines interacted in this period. 

Dutch heritage

Hans van Manen's choreographic work is considered to be an integral part of Dutch culture, which is why we feel it is so important to preserve these pieces and share them with the world in any way we can via video footage, photographs or any other means available to us. Our aim is to showcase Van Manen’s work as much as possible and, in particular, to the public. 

Hans van Manen
Photo: Erwin Olaf


Our strategy is to provide comprehensive support to dance companies that are interested in staging a production from Hans van Manen's repertoire. In light of this, we aim to foster awareness of Van Manen’s work amongst professional dance companies and schools.



The organisation will provide all the required documentation (both technical and artistic) as well as the visuals needed to stage a production from Van Manen’s repertoire. They will also ensure ballet masters receive training in van Manen's choreographies for future performances, so that they are able to provide assistance to companies who have a licence to perform one of these pieces. The organisation will assume responsibility for the contractual, artistic and financial aspects of these agreements.



The legal structure chosen for the Hans van Manen Foundation is that of a ‘stichting’. The Hans van Manen Foundation is registered with the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam under the following number: 82388040. RSIN: 862448062. The foundation has filed for ANBI status.



  • Chairperson: Ted Brandsen
  • Director: Rien Meppelink
  • Director: Oscar Hammerstein
    The directors have been jointly authorised to represent the foundation.

At least one of the board members must be an internal director and therefore invested in the daily operations of Dutch National Opera & Ballet. 



  • Board member Rachel Beaujean



The foundation's sources of income are derived from licences, royalties, subsidies, donations and bequests.



Artistic directors, rehearsal staff, lighting designers, set designers, costume designers, production managers and other crew members will be paid a fee on a project-by-project basis. This will be based on the foundation’s budget and will include a set minimum fee. The foundation will not remunerate or compensate board members. The Hans van Manen Foundation does have a remuneration policy for members of the Managing Board. This policy is based on the policy for managing directors by Goede Doelen Nederland, which has been in force since 2005.