Info & tickets

1) Go to the programme page of Dutch National Opera & Ballet, Choose the performance for which you want to buy a ticket and click on 'info and tickets'.

Order tickets

2) Scroll on the page to 'order tickets', find the date for which you want to buy a tickets and click on 'order'. 

Selecting your tickets

3) You will now be forwarded to your shopping basket. Here you can choose the number of tickets you want to purchase. Then click on 'Confirm'. 

Please note: if you are buying tickets for an online performance, you can only buy one ticket.


4) Click on "Continue" at the bottom of the green bar.

filling in your e-mail address

5) You can now either log in or create a new account. In both cases, please enter your e-mail address and click on 'continue'.

Send access link to your e-mail address

6) Click on the button 'Send access link to your e-mail address'.

Please note: If you have already logged in to this ticket tool after 22 March and have already set a password, you can enter your password and click on 'log in with password'. Then you can skip a few steps and continue reading from step 10.

Access link sent

7) After clicking on the button 'Send access link to your e-mail address', you will see the screen in the image.

Mail with continue button

8) Now open the mailbox of the e-mail address you entered earlier and look for the e-mail from 'Nationale Opera & Ballet' with the subject 'Confirmation e-mail address'. An example of this e-mail is shown here. Then click on the 'Continue' button in this e-mail to continue ordering.

Creating a password

9) After logging in, you will see a page like the one next to this text. You can now create a password if you wish to login with a password the next time you purchase tickets. Fill in your new password and click on 'Continue' or click on 'Skip'.

After that you can fill in your news letter preferences. Fill in your preferences and click on 'Continue' or click on 'Skip'.

More information for your account

10) You will now be asked for more information to complete the account creation process. Fill in the requested details and click on 'Save'. Then click on 'Continue' in the green bar at the bottom of the next page.

Shopping basket

11) The shopping basket will now be shown again. Here you van choose the desired payment method and then click on 'Continue'.

Start payment

12) If you have chosen to pay with iDeal, choose your bank and click on 'Start payment'.

ABN-AMRO payment

13) Complete the payment via your own bank, credit card or with a gift card. An example of an ABN-AMRO payment is shown here.


14) After your payment you will see the following screen. Click here on the button 'My agenda' to go to your agenda. Here you will find an overview of the upcoming performances for which you purchased tickets.

To view an online performance, click on 'Watch stream' in this agenda. The page with the online performance will then be loaded.

You will also receive a confirmation e-mail in your mailbox for both physical and online performances. 


Confirmation email

15) For both physical and online performances you will also receive a confirmation e-mail in your mailbox. If you have purchaseda ticket for an online performance, you can also view it via the 'Watch the stream' link in your confirmation e-mail. 

Can you not find the confirmation e-mail? Check your spambox!