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How does a named fund work?

  • You build up a named fund with a minimum investment of € 50,000. This can be done in one go or in five annual installments.

  • In consultation, you choose a goal within Dutch National Opera on which your money will be spent. Perhaps you would like to support our world premieres, you would like to give extra stimulation to young singers, or you may want to help young people get to know classical ballet.

  • Dutch National Opera takes care of the financial administration and ensures that your money is well spent. We will of course keep you closely informed.

  • A named fund is financially attractive: The tax benefit can amount to 58%. In the best case, the gift will cost you € 4,150 net per year due to a tax benefit.

  • You can give the fund your own name or that of a (deceased) loved one. Or we choose in consultation a name that refers to what the fund makes possible, such as "The Costume Fund".

  • You enjoy special and exclusive privileges at Dutch National Opera. For example, we can provide a performance at a location of your choice and the management keeps you personally informed of developments within Dutch National Opera. You are automatically a member of one of the Dutch National Opera's Giving Circles. Depending on the amount of your contribution, you will enjoy the privileges of a Paladin or Mecenas with the accompanying benefits.

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Marthe Seydel
Marthe Seydel
Manager Private Fundraising Dutch National Opera