Susan Malaika Bailey

SMB | Susan Malaika Bailey

Words have Power - It usually starts with a word or a sentence. In an associative way and with the help of tone and voice, the British-Curaçaoan Susan Malaika Bailey searches for their underlying meaning. As a child, she was already fascinated by the written word, by stories. But she found it more magical when it was recited or sung. From an early age, she realised that words have power when there is a pure intention behind them. In her writing process, this intention is central and the music serves the story. Susan chooses her words carefully and knows how to add power to them in a completely authentic way with her impressive voice and charming appearance.

Susan Malaika Bailey made her international debut at the end of 2018 in the play Greaseman by the Amsterdam theatre company 't Volksoperahuis. At Theatre Luna Blou, she scored high with her engaging acting style and pure voice. She was described as "the surprise of the show"; a talent we will undoubtedly hear and see more of. Her parental home was always filled with the sounds of different kinds of music, languages and the many powerful stories told by her father. Her talent developed into a balanced combination of acting & singing.

While completing her studies, her career took off. She played in various productions in Dutch theatres, at music festivals and on pop stages; with her own work and as a performing artist. In her own work Susan shows her vulnerability, inspired by stories that touch her; sometimes autobiographical and always universal. At the moment Susan plays the role of Sylvester's mother in the musical theatre show Queen of Disco.

Last update: 7 June 2022