Pieter Huijgen
Photo: Jan Willem Kaldenbach

Pieter Huijgen

Director (Technology & Production)

1.    How and when did you start working at Dutch National Opera & Ballet (description schooling / career)?
I joined the company in 2004 as an illuminator/operator with a background in electrical engineering. That same year I started my follow-up studies in technical business administration. After several interim positions, I graduated in 2008, and became deputy head of Lighting. After holding this position for eight years, I became head of the Departments of Lighting and Stage Technology in 2016. Since 2020, I am deputy director of Technology & Production.

2.    What makes your craft / job so special within DNO&B and what makes it so special to yourself?
The versatility; one day you're thinking about a technical solution for a set design at a detailed level, and the next day you're working on the organization's strategy and the renovation of the building and halls. At other times you are in contact with educational institutions and other companies about development and connection of the educational field to the stage and event sector.

3.    What is your favorite production seen from your craft’s / job’s perspective? Do you have any special memories of that production?
For me that is Aus Licht, because it was a complicated puzzle, both technically and logistically. In addition, the big ambitions people wanted to fulfil with this production had to fit within a budget that was quite limited considering the intended scale of the production (imagine: a string quartet in four helicopters with live audio and video connection, among others).

Last update: 04-10-2022.