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About the position
The mission of Dutch National Opera & Ballet is 'open up': to remain surprising, relevant and meaningful through a fresh approach to the classical repertoire and to make connections with other art forms, musical styles and target new audiences through innovation and experimentation.

The Chorus of Dutch National Opera has up to now consisted of 50 fixed members and can be expanded to over a 100 singers for large productions. We are now expanding the fixed chorus, and further vacancies have arisen due to retirements.

The chorus excels in a broad opera repertoire and takes on challenges with great enthusiasm. In addition to their famously rich choral sound, the singers in the chorus are also known for their excellent acting skills. 

For the Chorus of Dutch National Opera we are looking for:

  • 2nd Soprano (3 FTE)*
  • 2nd Alt (1 FTE)*
  • 1st Tenor (1 FTE)*
  • 2nd Tenor (2 FTE)*
  • 2nd Bass (3 FTE)*

*We prefer a full-time position.

You can apply on our job openings page.

Audition Chorus

We hire freelance singers (with a completed conservatory education) for larger productions. To apply for an audition for freelance singer you can use the application form, after which you can be invited for a selection procedure.

For more information, you can contact the Chorus office.
T +31 20 551 82 53 or email

opera studio

Audition Opera Studio

Dutch National Opera Studio is a two-year traineeship for seven singers and two répétiteurs, which aims to prepare young talent for an international opera career. The Opera Studio combines workshops and coaching with a wide range of professional experiences. The artistic leader is the internationally renowned soprano, Rosemary Joshua. The programme 2022/2023 is designed to support 7 singers and 2 répétiteurs, all of whom will be employed on a full-time basis as salaried employees of Dutch National Opera for up to a two-year period. The young Artists will be immersed into the professional life of the company and mentored by international coaches and directors through every aspect of their career development in an individually tailor-made programme.